How To Choose Your First Mink Lashes Vendor?

As you know , it is very important to choose your first vendor when you want to start to begin your lashes vendor.

The vendor should produce lashes and custom packaging boxes for you and give you competitive wholesale price to you .


What is important is that you distinguish them with your eye and brain.

So that would not be an easy thing to choose your reliable and loyal supplier. You should be careful about the follow things when you build your new brand.

The first one ,never begin with bulk orders ,when you just begin .

The second is that don’t do a lot of your custom packaging boxes at the first time

Because you have no idea about the hot style box and lashes, and you need time to test the market and touch your customers and share your ideas about your lashes and let them start to know what you can do and how to make the order .


The third one,never miss the sample order ,and never believe the sample. Why?

Because many suppliers give you the better samples and when you make the bulk order ,they change the quality ,that would cause damage to you .

The forth one is different product different price,and different price different lashes.

Never believe good lashes with cheap price. If the one told you they are high quality with little money ,you should think a minute before you make the order.

More and more customer find Emma Lashes and told us they met with these trouble things in their 3d mink lashes business line daily.

So be careful to chose you lashes suppliers and vendors.

Anything about the lashes and custom packaging box just let me know .we will help you make the right choice with reasonable competitive price.

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