Do You Really Know 3D Mink Eyelashes Individual?

how to start a lashes business line?

Many girl want to order 3D Mink Eyelashes Individual, and they fine a lot of Wholesale 3d Mink Lashes Vendor by many ways, and the Mink Lashes Vendor will give you all kinds of lashes ,even more they said they have more than 6,000 styles you can choose ,is that true?

So if you do you really purchase 6,000 styles mink lashes from the one who said he have 6000 styles lashes?

In fact ,many styles that have already out of date, and once you purchase, you can sell them out immediately ,and finally you have to sell them out with discount and you have to bear the damage.

So how to make the right order and get more profit from what you choose?

You have two ways to make the right order.


First way, you can ask for the latest style lashes and the hot one from your lashes vendor

And they will send you the latest styles to you ,and you can choose them according to your market.

The second way ,you have already know what you want to order ,and you can send the hot lashes picture to your lashes vendor and tell them ,that’s what you want to purchase

And they will choose the exact style to you ,and if they don’t have the style you order, and they will tell you to choose the similar one instead.

And in this case ,you should be careful with this issue ,unless you trust them and have already cooperated with them for many times and you can do this ,otherwise they will give you the bad lashes to you even if you have already order the exact number of the lashes.

Because many girls find us and said this issue ,I feel very angry about this Lashes vendors and we will never do this ,and we only supply High Quality Luxury 3D Mink Lashes to our customer and never cheating to them ,because our customers are god to us ,and we can’t deceive out God.

So ,if you really want to order 3D Mink Eyelashes Individual, you’d better to customized them for yourself ,because different people have different eye and line ,your lashes should fit your face and eye, so your unique length and unique style just for you, and that would be pretty good and fit for your eye.

So if you want to design and made your own unique styles, welcome to cooperate with us and we will design for you and make your own luxury 3d mink lashes .

And you can find your star PR and made for them that will make sense and create star power to your Lashes Business Line.

That would be so cool if you in this way, and you will lead the trend of the lashes beauty , once you begin with customized lashes you will be NO 1 in your local market and will get more profits from this business model.


So you can show your customized lashes by your INS ,Facebook, and your web, and we will provide high quality picture for you and you just Easy To Start Your Lashes Business Line.

And the earlier you do this business model ,the more profits you will get and the important thing is that you can lead the market.


Because no one have customized lashes according to your customer’s eye line and the face, once you did ,you can really do individual 3d mink lashes for your customer and once your customer use the lashes and they will not buy other vendor’s lashes from the market .

Every girls ,want to order her own style and Customized Lashes.


More information PLS kindly contact us Whatsapp 008613465813039, we will provide top service and professional skill to make the best luxury lashes for you and your business line.

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