Who supplies magnetic lashes?

Magnetic Lashes is a new style of lash that combines Tripe Mink Lashes with Magnetic, and we can divide them into different magnetic lashes according to the magnets.

The more magnets the lashes contains, the more quality it will be, but if you add more, that will add weight to your lashes and eye too, so make sure to use the small magnet.

If you have a good Magnetic Lashes Vendor, they will do the professional things for you.

magnetic lashes
magnetic lashes

And today we will share the all information about Magnetic Lash, and you will get all the professional information about magnetic eyelash in this post.

1 Who supplies magnetic lashes?

If you want to order Wholesale Magnetic lashes you should find your own identified Lash Vendors at first.

 Sally Lashes is one of the best Magnetic Lash Vendor in China, we only focus on Luxury Magnetic Lash, and if you want to build your lash business line as same as Lilly Lashes, never miss Sally Lashes, we are Lilly Lashes Vendor, and if you want to buy Lilly Magnetic Lashes, contact us, we will send the Lilly Lashes Catalog to you.

We are a professional Wholesale Lashes vendor, we focus on the USA market, we supply the best cheap Wholesale Lashes to our customers, and we helped too many girls started their lashes business.

wholesale magnetic lashes
wholesale magnetic lashes

2 What are the Best Magnetic Lashes?

First, raw material.

The magnetic lash belongs to the Strip Lash, and we should make sure the magnetic lash is the best strip lash first, this is the basic thing we should know.

Second, best magnet.

A high-quality magnetic block has a good magnet attraction, and make sure that your magnetic lash can’t easily fall down. Usually, the Best Magnetic Eyelash can’t easily fall down by the destruction of the wind.

If you want to ensure the firmness of magnetic eyelashes, you must first make sure to use high-quality Magnetic Eyeliner.

Magnetic  eyelashes
Magnetic eyelashes

3 Best magnetic eyeliner and lashes

If you apply your magnetic eyelash with bad eyeliner, your lash can easily fall down no matter how quality your lash is.

So so if you have the best quality magnetic eyelash, make sure to use the Best Magnetic Eyeliner, the best Magnetic eyeliner liquid contains more magnetic powder so that you can easily apply it on your magnetic lash in an efficient and safe way.

Magnetic lashes vendor
Magnetic lashes vendor

4 Ardell magnetic lashes

If you want to order Ardell magnetic lash, you can’t miss Sally Magnetic Lashes, and our Lash is much better and cheap than Ardell Lash, besides, we can supply you free sample to test the quality first, and you will make your decisions easily after you receive our magnetic lash sample.

5 Best magnetic lashes 2021

We supply more than 18 style lashes in the market, and they are all best-sellers after the test, and they are 12 magnets strip lashes. Such as Lilly Magnetic Lash, IRREPLACEABLE Magnetic eyelash,

BONDED Magnetic Lash, CAUSE WE CAN eyelash, FOR LIFE Magnetic Lash, LOYALTY Magnetic eyelashes, and UR FAVES Magnetic Lash, we are the right Wholesale Lilly Lash Vendor.

And if you choose Sally Lash to be your Magnetic Lash Factory, we will supply Best Magnetic Lash 2021 to you, and help you and your lash business become stronger and stronger.

No one can supply you best magnetic eyelashes but Sally Lash, and you will be unique in your business area.

If you want to buy the best magnetic lashes, contact us now, you can make a free order first, and then make bulk order, you will find Sally Lashes will be your trustworthy partner.

ForLife magnetic lashes
ForLife magnetic lashes

6 How to apply magnetic lashes?

It is very easy to apply magnetic strip lash than glue strip lash if you have top-grade magnetic glue. The magnetic lash will attach by itself if you make a perfect magnetic liquid line on the eye skin. And now we will show you how to apply your magnetic eyelash step by step.

Step 1: Please shake the magnetic eyelash lotion three times before use. Because there are too many magnet powders in the magnetic glue, make sure to mix them together, Make sure to shake the bottle evenly before use.

Step 2: Then apply the liquid eyeliner evenly to your eye.

You can apply more than one time to make a good shape liner.

Step 3: After applying the magnetic wearing, wait 20 sec or so until the solution is completely dry before wearing to make sure the best effect!

Because the magnet is contained glue, water, and magnet powder when the water is gone, the glue will attach the magnet on your eye skin, and when you apply it on your magnetic lash, it is very easy to attach to the skin.

Step 4:When the liquid eyeliner dry put the Magnetic Eyelashes on the liquid eyeliner and adjust the lash to the right position according to the line of the magnetic liquid line.

7 How to clean magnetic lashes?

Some lashes vendors give you some tips on how to clean magnetic eyelashes:

To ensure your lashes and magnets are perfectly clean, you should use 90% alcohol.

Simply coat a cotton swab with alcohol and run it along the strip of the lashes and the magnets.

This will ensure your magnetic eyelash are completely free of any makeup or eyeliner residue and ready for the next use.

In fact, if you choose Sally Magnetic Lash, you don’t need to clean them, you can just wash them with water.

8 Why more and more people choose Magnetic eyeliner lashes?

First, easy to use.

You won’t choose eyeliner again if you choose magnetic eyeliner lash, and the magnetic liquid is both glue and eyeliner if you draw a perfect line. So it is will save a lot of time if you make professional eye makeup.

Second, save money.

Girls won’t buy eyeliner again, and they just buy magnetic glue eyeliner, so they will save money. People would like to buy magnetic eyeliner lash in fact.

Third, easy to apply.

As you know, your magnetic eyeliner eyelash can attach to the magnetic line by itself so that will save time and energy to apply.

9 Do magnetic lashes work?

yes, and if you want to apply magnetic eyelashes, we suggest you choose Natural Magnetic Lash, and most of the eyelashes are Natural-looking Magnetic Lash.

Because they are lightweight and the magnet works easily.

If you choose 25MM Long dramatic lashes, they can’t work, because the wind blows off the eyelashes easily.

Loyalty magnetic lashes
Loyalty magnetic lashes

10 How long do magnetic lashes last?

They will actually last for as long as you take care of them as there is no glue to clump up on the lash band, contorting and messing up the lash, which makes normal lashes unusable after a few uses. Usually, The lash and eyeliner hold up to 10 hours at least. (essentially, the entire day).

And if you buy magnetic eyelashes from Sally Lash, that will last all day long, and if you don’t destroy them, they can be used all the time.

And if you take good care of them, they can use them all the time.

Yes, correct! All the time!!

This is why more and more Lashes Distributors and Lashes Company From the USA choose us to be the Lashes Wholesaler.

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