Where to buy eyelash packaging?

Eyelash Packaging is an Eyelash Packaging Box, such as a container to hold your 3D Mink Lashes, protect your Mink Lashes avoid destroy,

besides, an amazing Custom Eyelash Packaging will promote your sales.

If you want to buy Eyelashes Packagings, never miss Sally Lashes, we are a professional Eyelash Packaging Vendor

who can design and produce for you at a cheap wholesale price?

And today we will show you step by step to make a professional Wholesale Eyelash Packaging for you.

lilly lashes packaging vendor
Lilly lashes packaging

First, make an eyelash packaging idea.

This is the first step before you do your Wholesale Custom Eyelash Packaging Box.

1st Make a Brand Name.

Like your name, people should know your business name to find you and buy mink lashes from you.

If you have no ideas about your 3D Mink Lashes Business, you can make an easy one, such as Lashes by your name.

For example, Lilly Lashes, or Lashes By Lilly. Less is more, your customer can remember your business name easily.

2ndMake an eyelash logo.

The Eyelash logo is a symbol of your eyelash business line, you should make sure the color and design elements before your design work.

You have two way to get an eyelash logo: The first way is to use Fiverr to find a designer and help you make your mink lashes logo within 48 hours.

That will cost 30 to 100 USD according to your sketch. The second way is that you can ask Sally Lashes Lashes for help.

We will send you our logo catalog, and you can choose anyone you like, and what your want to do is just send your brand name to us.

And we will design for you within 24Hours if you cooperate with us.

wholesale eyelash packaging
wholesale eyelash packaging

Second, Find your Eyelash Packaging Vendors.

Sally lashes Eyelash Packaging Factory we can produce all kinds of Lashes packaging boxes for you.

Which style of custom eyelash box packagings should you choose?

First, Empty eyelash packaging.

If you have your Mink Lashes Vendor you should buy Empty Lashes Packaging, but you should send a tray photo to your Lashes Vendor

to make sure that your eyelashes packaging can fit your eyelashes trays very well.

Second, Glitter Eyelash Packaging.

The glitter lashes packaging is one of the most popular lash packagings on the market.

There are three main reasons that the glitter eyelash box is so popular.

1st the glitter one is shiny when they meet the light.

And they can attract girl’s eyes to buy them.

Amazing and promote the sales.

2nd too many colors in the market.

Different people love the different colors. And you may love the red glitter eyelashes packaging, but someone will love the pink glitter one.

And the pink glitter eyelashes packaging and rose gold one is the popular color in the market. Most of the girls love them very much.

3rd much cheaper the other lashes packaging.

Eyelash glitter box is made of glitter paper and cardboard, the glitter paper belongs to the special materials. And all of you Eyelash Packaging Suppliers do have them in stock. So that they can do this Lashes packaging box much cheaper and faster than the other lashes packaging boxes.

mink lashes packaging
mink lashes packaging

Third, Candy Eyelash Packaging

There are two kinds of candy eyelashes packaging in the market.

The first one is plastic candy eyelashes packaging. This one is the round trays.

All of these candy lash boxes are in stock so that you can order them if you want to save time.

The second one is the cardboard eyelashes packaging and this one you can do custom candy eyelashes packaging and add your logo and slogan

on the surface of the box. So if you want to build your eyelash brand, you should choose the custom one.

Fourth, Diy Eyelash Packaging.

You can do the lash packaging as you love, and you can add some jewelry to the box to make a beautiful appearance.

If you are interested in lash packaging, please add our WhatsApp, we will design and produce an amazing one for you.

Fifth, Lollipop lashes packaging.

The lollipop eyelash packaging is very popular in the market, belongs to the Cute Eyelash Packaging.

They are made of plastic so that will much cheap than the custom lashes packaging.

Third, How much does the wholesale custom eyelash packaging box cost?

Well, the price depends on the quantity and crafts.

If you order 50 lashes packaging in stock, that will much cheaper than we produce for you now.

And if you just print your logo on the surface of the packaging, we will finish all the work within 3 days.

This kind of eyelash boxes will cost 1 USD to 1.5 USD.

If you design and produce the one that your mink lashes vendor never produces,

that will cost 3 USD to 3.5 USD for each one according to the details of the crafts.

And if you order 100 eyelash packagings that will cost 2 USD to 2.5 usd according to the details of your lashes packagings.

And if you order Mink Eyelashes together that will much cheaper than just order lashes packagings.

The more the cheaper, and you should tell all your order list to your mink lashes vendor so that they will give the detailed price of the wholesale eyelash packagings.

If you want to check the cheap wholesale price now, you can add WhatsApp to get the details of the price.

eyelash packaging
eyelash packaging

Fourth, who can design the unique eyelash packaging?

Most lash Packagings Vendors just ask for your eyelash logo and brand name and then print on the regular packaging in stock.

They called the custom eyelashes packaging.

In fact, those are not unique lashes packaging, Sally Lashes, as one of the best Lash Packaging Vendors,

designs unique lashes packaging for our customers.

Any color, any shape, any material, any ideas we can design and produce for you instead of printing the logo on the surface of the packaging.


If you want to design unique eyelash packaging, you can not miss Sally Lashes, we will design the sketch for you first, and whey you love it,

we can only produce the eyelash boxes for you after your permission.
custom eyelash packaging usa
custom eyelash packaging the USA

Besides, if you make Lashes Packaging Bulk orders, we will make a sample for you to check the location of your logo and color first,

make sure we produce the lashes box as same as the sketch we design for you, if you love our professional service, you can give us a chance to design a unique lashes packaging for you.

A unique custom lash packaging will promote your mink lashes business line, and promote your sales too. People will remember your wholesale 3D mink lashes.

Besides, they will collect them and send to their friend as a gift.

What are luxury mink lashes?

Luxury Mink Lashes are the best quality mink eyelash in the market. Not every Mink lash Vendors can do this work. From the raw material to products, every mink fur and each pair of lashes are selected and tested by the QC team. And today, Sally Lashes will tell you what is the real Luxury Mink Lash.

Luxury mink lashes
Luxury mink lashes

First, the raw material.

The luxury mink lash must use the top-grade young mink fur from the young mink. Which is fluffy, long, and dramatic.

Second, unique style.

The luxury mink eyelashes can not be easy copied by the other Mink Lashes Vendors, and our mink lash is all designed by our own designer.

Third, Service life.

The real luxury mink lash can be used more than 25 times. And if you use the bad mink lashes they can only be used for one time.

Fourth, long-lasting stereotypes.

All the luxury mink eyelashes are long-lasting 3D effects, no matter what is wet or dry, they still show personality and charm to you.

Fifth, waterproof.

Our luxury mink lash is all waterproof, so you can swim with them, and when you dry them, you can still reuse them.

Sixth,100% Hand made mink lashes.

The luxury mink lash is all made by hand, if you buy the 3D Mink Lash made by machine, that will lose the soul and cheap.

Seventh, Light and comfortable.

The raw material if from the young mink, which is super soft and gorgeous. Make sure you can make professional eye makeup.

Eighth, Sterile products.

All the luxury mink eyelashes should be sterilized. And have no irritation to your eyelash and skin. They are healthy luxury mink lash. But if you buy the bad lashes, they are treated by chemical liquid to make the 3D effect, that will do harm to your eye skin, More seriously, your eyelash will blind.

Who supplies luxury 3D Mink Eyelashes?

There are few Luxury Mink Lashes Vendor you can find in the market, no matter you search on Google or Amazon, most of the mink lashes are just ordinary ones, not the Luxury 3D Mink Lashes.

Because the Real Luxury Mink Lash can be easily copied by the other Mink Eyelash Vendors,

If you want to compare them with our mink lashes, you can make an order to test the real mink eyelash from Sally Lashes

There are some real mink lash vendor in China, and if you want to get the real mink eyelash factory, we can help you find the real Luxury 3D Mink Lashes Factory who supply the real luxury mink lashes.

If you know Lilly Lashes, you will find our mink eyelashes are much better than Lilly Lashes, and few mink eyelash vendors can design and produce these mink lashes.

If you want to get the Luxury Mink Lashes Vendor List, contact us by WhatsApp.

Luxury 3D Mink Lashes Vendor
Luxury 3D Mink Lashes Vendor

Where to buy Lilly Lashes Goddess luxury mink lashes?

As one of the best mink lashes vendors in the world, Sally Lash supplies too many mink eyelashes to the Lashes Vendor From the USA such as Lilly Lashes.

So if you want to buy Lilly Lashes Goddess mink lash at a cheap wholesale price, you can contact us, we will supply the best quality as same as Lilly Lashes.

If you want to supply the real Lilly mink lashes to your customers and if you want to be famous as Lilly Lashes, choose Sally Lashes, we will help you start your mink lashes business line step by step.

6D Mink Lashes Vendor Emma Lashes
6D Mink Lashes Vendor Sally Lashes

What do the luxury mink lash wholesale cost?

We have the top-grade luxury lashes, which cost too much than the other ordinary eyelash vendor, and if you want to buy the natural mink lash that will cost 6USD each pair, and our 20MM Luxury mink eyelash cost 7 USD for each pair, 25MM 3D Mink Lash cost 8 USD each pair.

If you want to buy 6D Luxury lashes, that will cost 12 USD for each pair.

You must wonder, why our luxury mink eyelashes is so expensive than the cheap one.

wholesale top luxury mink lashes
wholesale top luxury mink lashes

Let me show you the secret: First, all the luxury mink fur hair is selected one by one.

Second, all made by hand, our skilled workers can only produce 10 pairs a day.

And no one can do this top hand-made work in China.

Third, our designer Oscar is the first man in the lashes industry. Only he can design these luxury mink lash in the market.

No one can instead him, and he knows the beauty of woman, he can get the ideas from the flower and use the ideas and structures to the luxury mink eyelash.

So our luxury 3D Mink Lash is unique in the market. No one can copy our luxury mink eyelash.

Anyone can tell the difference between our luxury mink lash and the common mink eyelash.

luxury faux mink lashes
luxury faux mink lashes

Which lashes are better? Luxury Faux mink lashes or Luxury mink eyelashes?

Some girls said the luxury mink eyelash is much better than the Luxury Faux Mink Lash because they are vegan and cruelty-Free.

In fact, both are vegan and cruelty-free lashes, and the faux mink eyelash is made of synthetic fiber which looks like real mink fur.

If you choose the luxury faux mink lashes, they are a little bit cheap than the luxury lashes, because the material is a little bit cheaper than the synthetic fur.

But it hard to say that everyone loves the real luxury eyelash, so some vegan girls would like to choose the luxury faux mink eyelash instead of the real mink fur.

So you should test the market, and you will get your own answer which one do your customer love.

Never make a decision on your idea, you should listen to your market.

May I have your luxury mink lash review?

We have more than 300 popular luxury eyelashes in the market, all are tested by our customers, if you want to get the eyelash review, you can add our salesman to get the updated luxury mink eyelash reviews.

We collect too many real luxury mink lash reviews from our customers, you can add WhatsApp to get the real luxury eyelash review from the market.

Where to find luxury mink lashes bar?

There are too many ways to find luxury mink eyelash bars near me, and today will show the two easy way for you to find your luxury mink eyelashes bars. First, use Google Map.

Open Google Map, and input keywords, Luxury Mink Lash Bar or Mink Lash Bar, Google Map will give you two many Luxury mink lash bars that near you, and you can drive your car find the nearest mink eyelash bar near you.

Second, use Yelp.

Input keyword luxury lash and your location, and you will find many mink lash salons near you and too many luxury lash reviews from the market.

Luxury Mink Lashes from eBay
Luxury Mink Lashes from eBay

Are luxury mink eyelashes from eBay true mink lashes?

Well, it depends, too many mink lashes vendors are not the mink lash suppliers on eBay.

If they are too cheap, they must not be the luxury mink lash. Here are some tips to test if they are the real luxury mink eyelash.

First, ask the price.

If they are so cheap, they must no be the luxury mink lash. The real luxury eyelash cost too high than the bad mink eyelash.

Second, order sample first.

Never buy too many pairs of mink lash before you test the luxury mink eyelash.

Third, keep an eye on the service life.

The real luxury mink eyelashes are super top quality, and they can reuse more than 25 times. There are the main three tips you can easily test.

Why more and more girls choose 3D Luxury mink eyelashes?

Luxury 3D Mink Lashes are the best lashes in the market, they are fluffy, strong, and gorgeous, can show the personality and beauty of the woman.

Besides, the 3D Luxury mink lash has too many different styles in the market, girls can choose any style they like, unlike the eyelash extension, they have to go to the eyelash salon for the 3D Mink Strip Luxury eyelash can apply on them by themselves.  

So the 3D Luxury mink lash has a huge market in the world, every girl wants to make a beautiful and professional amazing eye make-up to show themselves.

There are two main reasons, and if you haven’t owned your mink lashes business line, you should learn How to start your lashes business line, and if you choose Sally Lashes, we will help you step by step.  

For more issues and cooperation welcome to contact us, we will supply the best luxury mink eyelash and services to you.

What are 3D Mink Lashes?

3D Mink Lashes are lashes made of real Mink Fur, which is soft, vivid, and fluffy. 3D means 3 Dimensional, no matter which side you look, they will make a perfect appearance. When people apply on the 3D Mink Lashes, it’s hard to distinguish which are the mink fur lashes and which are the real human eyelash fur. Which makes an amazing eye makeup. Ladies love them very much, and the 3D Mink Lashes business is very popular in the market.

What the price of mink lashes cost?

As you know, different quality different cost. Why?

First, different raw materials different costs.

Most lashes vendor do not use the best mink fur, they even don’t know which part of the real mink fur are the best, and just use the broken the ones, that are not as sharp as our Luxury Mink Lashes. If you want to know How to Distinguish 3D Mink Lashes, you can click here to get more professional information.
3D Mink lashes DJ87

Second, different processes different costs.

There is two main processes to make a 3D effect.

The first one is the chemical one.

Most Mink Lashes vendors use this method, because this is an easy way to make a 3D effect, and that will save time to produce the mink lashes if they use the chemical liquid. But if you have sensitive skin, you may feel some pungent smell. So these is unhealthy mink lashes. And if they are made of the machine, that will be much cheaper than the one with handmade.
wholesale fluffy mink lashes factory
wholesale fluffy mink lashes factory

The second one is made by physical process.

We use high temperature to make the 3D effect, at the same time, we can kill the virus. So our luxury mink lashes are very safe. Besides, all of the Luxury 3D Mink Lashes are made of top-grade mink fur from the young mink fur, which is long, strong, fluffy, and smooth. And all made by our skilled worker by hand.

Third, Different QC systems.

We have a strict QC system. And if we find the real mink fur and mink lashes are broken in the process, we will throw them away. But for the other mink eyelash vendor, they may do not have a QC team, and all the mink lashes will send to you when you order Mink Lashes Bulk Orders.

Forth, the length of the mink fur.

If you order 25MM 3D Mink Lashes, They are a little bit more expensive than the 20MM 3D Mink Lashes and Natural Mink Lashes. Those are the main Fourth reasons that cause different costs, so you should test the quality mink lashes first, and then focus on the price of mink lashes. So if you order the natural mink lashes, the wholesale price is 4 USD to 6 USD according to the quality and quantity. By the way, there do have Cheap Mink Lashes in the market, you should consider the cost of the mink lashes first, and then the quality. Just remind you to make a perfect order instead of just pay attention to the price.
wholesale colored mink lashes CD98
wholesale colored mink lashes CD98
If you buy the bad Cheap Mink Lashes, you will never sell them out. And you will lose and waste your money. And for the 20MM 3D Mink Lashes, it usually costs 4 USD to 7 USD, if you buy bulk orders, you should tell your Wholesale Mink Lashes the quantity you want to order, and then your mink lash vendors will give you an exact wholesale price.
clear eyelash packaging with blue butterfly
clear eyelash packaging with blue butterfly
25MM 3D Mink Lashes are the most popular style of lashes in the market, usually, this kind of mink lashes cost 5 USD to 8 USD for each pair. What more, never just focus on the price, pay attention to the market and quality.
5D Mink Lashes 5DM10
5D Mink Lashes 5DM10
If you know your customers, do not buy cheap bad mink lashes, because you will lose them at last. On the other side, if you supply the best mink lashes to the market, you will get more and more regular customers, and you will build your lashes brand at last. Such as Lilly Lashes, never use bad lashes, so most girls love Lilly Lashes and choose the products from Lilly Lashes. So the market and quality of your mink lashes will bring you huge profits.

How to apply 3D Mink Lashes?

There are to many tutorials on the internet, and today we will show you the key point to apply 3D Mink Lashes step by step.

First, open your 3D Mink Lashes box and put it out of your mink lashes.

Second, take off the lashes from the tray.

Make sure to put the left lashes to your left eye, and the right lashes apply on your right eye.

Third, measure the strip of the lashes according to your eye line.

Cut off the excess of your mink lashes with eyelash scissors.

Fourth, apply the eyelash glue on the band of the mink lashes.

Wait for a few seconds, apply on the mink lashes when the glue dry. You can also choose Eyelash Glue Eyeliner Pen so that you can draw eyeliner on your eye skin and they put on the 3D mink lashes. Different eyelashes different structures and styles, so you should choose the one which suits the shape of your eye and face.

How to create your own 3D Mink Lashes?

When you create your own lashes brand, you may want to create your own 3D Mink Lashes. And today, Sally Lashes will help you create your lashes style step by step.
5D Mink Lashes 5DM05
5D Mink Lashes 5DM05

First, cooperate with the lashes factory who have their own eyelash designer.

As you know, most of mink lashes vendor they do not have their own designer, and they can’t design mink lashes for you.

Second, make a sketch and drawing to show the structure of your own mink lashes.

Send it to your mink eyelash vendor to confirm the details about the lashes.

Third, make an eyelash sample and confirm the lashes.

Your mink lashes vendor will design first, and they will do a sample for you to test the quality and style. If they are exactly what you want, just confirm it. If not, modify it until they are exactly what you want.

Fourth, order your own mink lashes from the catalog of your mink lashes order.

Your lashes vendor design too many mink lashes style in the market and most of them are tested and selected by the market. So you should ask your Wholesale Mink Lashes Vendor which style are the best seller. And give your style name to your mink lashes vendor, and when you push on the market, you can use your own style name, such as Lilly Lashes Miami, when it comes to the Miami Mink Lashes, people can find Lilly Lashes easily.

How to start selling 3D Mink Lashes?

We are expert of selling 3D Mink Lashes, and as the best mink lashes vendor in the market, Sally Lashes have helped more than 100,000 girls to start their 3D mink Lashes business line. And most of them have their own lashes company and salon. And today we will show more details about how to start selling 3D Mink Lashes step by step.

First, choose your mink lashes vendors.

This is the first step you should do, open Google and input the keyword “Lashes Vendors”, Google will suggest to many lashes vendors in the market, and you should choose one and identify it with sample orders, and choose it finally.

Second, choose your mink lashes style.

You should do a survey first, and make sure which style of mink lashes, you customer like best. Or you can ask for your help of your mink lashes vendor if they are experts in your target market.

Third, design and produce your own lashes packaging.

There are three ways to own your mink lashes packaging.

1st Free eyelash packaging

If you choose Sally Lashes, we will supply you with free eyelash packaging to help you start your mink lashes business line. If you want to order the free lashes packaging now, you can contact us by WhatsApp. We will send you free eyelash packaging catalog, and you can choose any style of lashes packaging from the catalog.

2nd General mink lashes packaging.

There are many regular packaging in stock so that you can choose them easily and we can ship to you within 24Hours, to make sure you receive the parcel at the first time.

3rd Custom eyelash packaging

You have to design and produce custom eyelash packaging if you want to create your mink lashes brand. We can design for you just free if you choose Sally Lashes to be your first Mink Lashes Vendor.

 Fourth, build your social media.

Make sure you have your own lashes brand on social media, such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube. Fifth, build your own website, you should have your own website, and when people want to mink lashes, you can show them the first time. So that to promote sales.

Who do eyelashes near me?

Sally Lashes, as one of the best Eyelashes Vendor in the USA, supply all kinds of Eyelashes near you, and we can ship any kinds of your mink lashes to you by Express.

So you can buy your eyelashes through our Website and you can also contact us via WhatsApp, and our salesman will contact your ASAP, and they will send you all the lashes catalog that in stock.

You can choose them directly and buy them easily within Three steps.

The first step is choosing lashes.

We send all the catalog to you, you can choose any style lashes you want to buy, and just let us know, we will prepare and produce for you after the confirmation.

The second step is buying lashes.

You can pay by PayPal, debit cards, or credit card, and buy them easily, and we will ship them to you as soon as possible by express. And usually, that will need 2-3 business days.

So the process of buying lashes is very easy and convenient for you, what’s more, we supply 24H service, so you can order your mink lashes at any place, any time.

The third step is shipping.

We can ship to you with the fastest shipping ways, all the latest bestsellers are in stock. So we can make sure to ship to you as soon as possible.

Vendors for Lashes
Vendors for Lashes

Where to get mink eyelashes near me?

If you order the mink lashes near you, never miss Sally Lashes, we are one of the best Mink lash Vendors in the USA, we have too many service station that can supply mink lashes near you, and we focus on Luxury mink lashes if you want to start your lashes business line we can help you start your lashes business line step by step.

Besides, we will share with you some Lashes vendors who focus on the Mink Lashes USA Eyelash Business Website.

First, Lilly Lashes.

If you want to buy high-quality mink lashes, you can order from their website, and Lilly Lashes is very popular in the USA market. So you can buy from them directly, but the retail price is higher than Sally Lashes.

Because Sally Lashes are mink lashes wholesaler, we supply competitive wholesale prices to all of our customers all over the world. Besides, we are Lilly Lashes Vendor and Lilly Lashes Packaging Vendor, if you want to start your lashes business with professional help, we would love to help you guys to Create Your Lashes Brand step by step.

Second, House of Lashes.

They are all Handcrafted Lashes, using 100% premium human hair and cruelty-free synthetic fibers.

So they are much cheaper than Mink Lashes, and some people do not like mink lashes, in fact, Mink Lashes are all cruelty-free too, but Synthetic Lashes are still very popular in the market, and many ladies would love the buy Fibers Lashes and Human Hair Lashes. So we design and produce many Human Lashes styles for the market, in fact, Human Hair Lashes are Affordable Lashes so that many people can buy them directly.

Third, Ardell Lashes

Ardell is the leader of false lashes worldwide, with the largest selection of high-quality lashes for every style and every occasion.

Most girls love to buy the Ardell Human Hair Lashes at a cheaper price, and if you want to start your False Lashes Business Line, we can help you start your False Lashes Business line step by step.

If you want to know more lashes near you, please contact us on WhatsApp, we will share more.

Who do Magnetic eyelashes near me?

Magnetic Lashes are one of the popular lashes in the market, we put on the magnetic to the strip of lashes, and then apply on the magnetic eyelash glue, so your lashes can easily apply on.

Sally Lashes Factory produces and designs all kinds of magnetic eyelashes, and usually, we produce Natural Magnetic Lashes to the market in order to reduce the weight of lashes, because if we add long hair lashes we have to add magnetic to make sure the lashes don’t fall down.

So if you want to buy magnetic lashes near me, we can ship to you in about 2-3 business day, besides, we supply Door Door service.

You can receive your magnetic eyelash at your home.

Where to buy Fake eyelashes near me?

We supply four ways to help you buy your Fake Eyelash Near You.

First, Google.

You can search on Google, and Google will share the many Fake Eyelash Vendors that you can choose, some are Lashes Salon, and some are Lashes Store. So you should check them one by one to find the best fake eyelashes.

Second, Amazon

There are hundreds of Fake Lashes Vendors in Amazon, so you can choose one by one to check with lashes vendor are the one you want. One more thing, all the Amazon Fake Lashes Vendors are the retail vendors, who supply retail prices to you.

Third, Etsy.

This is a handmade website, but if you buy these lashes from this website, be careful not each pair of lashes are made by hand, some are just made by machine.

But the price is much cheaper than Amazon.

Fourth, Sally Lashes.

If you search keywords Lashes Vendor, Google will show the professional Mink Lashes Vendor to you.

So you will find Sally Lashes, we are one of the best mink lashes focus on the USA market,

and we are Lashes Factory, so we supply the best price to all the customers.

If you want to buy the cheapest fake lashes, never miss Sally Lashes.

In fact, We not only supply the best fake mink lashes but also supply the best price to you,

helped too many girls to start their lashes business, and don’t miss this opportunity to be rich.

Because We know the market, and if you cooperate with us, you will succeed in a short time.

We do believe that.

Where to find Eyelashes salon near me?

If you want to do Individual Eyelashes and Eyelash Extension, you should find an Eyelash Salon,

and if you want to buy Strip Mink Lashes, you should contact us,

we will ship to you immediately after the payment.

And today will show you two easy ways to find the correct eyelash salon near you.

First, Search on Google Map.

Google Map will use your location and share with many eyelash salons near to you, and you will see the open time,

the location, and more details you can click the mark, they will show you more information.

5D Mink Lashes 5DM10A
5D Mink Lashes 5DM10A

Second, Yelp.

First, input your location

Second, input what you want to search.

You will find too many eyelash salons on this website. What I love this is that you can watch the review that the customers leave,

it helps you make the right decision. If you want to know who do Eyelashes Near Me Open,

you can also use these two easy ways to find your correct Lashes Salons.

If you want to start your Fake Lashes Business, you should contact us and we will share more skills on how to start a lashes business line,

and help you Build your lashes brand step by step.

Wish you love this post, and share it, tell people about it. Thanks.

Where to buy Eyelash Glue Pen Wholesale?

As one of the important eye makeup tools, Eyeliner Glue Pen is another important tools for girls to make make a professional and amazing eye makeup.

Today, Sally Lashes will show you more about the Eyelash Glue Eyeliner Pen, which will help you a lot to buy Eyelash Glue Pen Wholesale.

eyelash glue eyeliner pen from Emma Lashes

First, What is Eyeliner Glue Pen?

As you know, the eyeliner glue pen is the updated new lashes tools in the market, more and more girls would like to buy eyelash glue pen instead of the eyeliner and eyelash glue, and eyeliner glue pen is a mix of eyelash glue and eyeliner, easy to use and efficient to make a professional eye makeup.

Second, What does Eyelash Glue Pen cost?

As you know, we are Eyelash Glue Pen Vendor in the USA, and we supply competitive wholesale prices to our customers according to the quantity. You can buy them from Amazon, and the retail price is 7.69 USD, and if you buy them from us, that will too much cheaper than Amazon, that’s why so many buyers would like to choose Sally Lashes to be the Eyeliner Pen Vendor.

Because we supply the best cheap wholesale price to our customers, and we have no MOQ limit, so they can get the best price. If you want to know the details now, please add WhatsApp, we will give you a good wholesale price.

Third, How to use Lash glue eyeliner pens?

There are many tutorials in you can search, and today we will share one skill that most people don’t know, and before you use the lashes lash glue eyeliner pen, you should shake it, and you will hear that a ball in the pen, So as to make the glue liquid more uniform.

And if you want to know the details about the tutorial you can what the video from our YouTube Channel.

Fourth, How long does the eyelash glue liner pen last?

Well, it depends on the volume you buy, usually, they can use more than 50 times, but if you buy the bad one, they don’t tell you the lifespan, and you may just use it several times, you have to throw it away.

And our Lash Glue Eyeliner Pen can use more than 100 times if you use in a gentle way.

So when you buy the Eyeliner Glue Pen Wholesale, you should not only keep an eye on the price but also ask about the lifespan and volume. Because you can see easily, so you should test if possible.

Fifth, How many colors do you have?

There is too many color eyelash glue in the market, but the Clear Adhesive Eyeliner Pen and Black Liquid Eyeliner are the bestsellers.

So if you buy bulk eyelash glue eyeliner pens, you can try these two kinds of lashes eyeliner, and if you do any color, we can do that for you.

And if you make artistic makeup you make need Colorful eyeliner Magic Pen.

Sixth, How long will we ship the Eyelash Glue Pen to you?

We do have eyelash glue pens in stock, but all the eyeliner glue is new made, because we sell new to our customers, make sure the lifespan will be longer than the other Eyelash Glue Eyeliner Pen Vendor. If you make bulk orders, we will produce them for you right now, so that you can receive the eye glue liner for the first time.

lash glue eyeliner pen wholesale from lashes vendor Emma Lashes

Seventh, why so many people would love to choose us to buy lash glue eyeliner pen?

First, Our magic liner pen is long-lasting, anti-smudge, and waterproof.

You can use it instead of magnetic eyeliner and eyelash glue.

Second, easy to apply.

Magic sticky eyeliner pen with strong paste, Just put like normal eyeliner, Wait for it dry, then put on your lashes, easy to wear eyelashes. So you don’t need to use any lashes glue or magnetic eyelash glue anymore.

Third, save more time.

Save 2/3 more time than traditional false eyelashes apply and you can easily become an expert eyelash artist.

Fourth, no glue needed anymore.

It’s similar to magnetic eyeliner and lashes, but it’s long-lasting and there are no magnets, if you find magnetic eyelashes are heavy and keep falling off, just try it.

Fifth, for all strip mink, lashes users.

You can use the lashes glue eyeliner pen for any strip mink lashes or faux mink lashes and silk lashes.

Eighth, 2021 Upgrade Magic Self-adhesive Eyeliner-Best Gifts for Women

Have you ever became anxious when you were in hurry but you still had to wait for the glue to half dry? Now the ultimate solution for these problems is here!

No more waiting, No more hassle!

It is the best deal for you to make your eye makeup more convenient and save your time!

This glitter bling demand eyeliner is a Perfect Gifts for Women, Mom, Girlfriend, Grandma, Lover, Daughter on Halloween& Thanksgiving Days & Black Friday & Cyber Monday &Christmas&New Year.

What are Fluffy mink lashes?

Fluffy Mink Lashes are made of real mink fur, and for the fluffy mink lashes we need more mink fur material to make the fluffy effect. You can also call Fluffy Mink Lashes Fluffy 3D Mink Lashes so that you will look an amazing appearance in different angles, and your lashes will be fluffy glossy and multilayer with perfect 3D looking. If you want to buy the best Fluffy Mink Lashes at a competitive wholesale price, never miss Sally Lashes, We will supply the best quality Fluffy mink lashes to you. Order now

Can fluffy mink lashes be reusable?

Well, it depends, if you buy top grade Fluffy mink lashes, your can wash them and dry them in gentle ways, and they can use up to 25+ times, and if you purchase Bad and cheap fluffy mink lashes, to tell you the truth, they are may not the real mink fur, and if you want to know the truth, add WhatsApp.
So if you make sure you have a good Fluffy Mink Lashes Vendor who supplies the real fluffy mink lashes to you. And if you want to distinguish the difference between good mink lashes and bad mink lashes, please click to get more useful skills, we will tell you how to Distinguish the material of your 3D Mink Lashes.

Where To find a fluffy mink lashes vendor and buy Fluffy Mink Lashes Wholesale?

As one of the best Fluffy Mink Lashes vendors, Sally Lashes supply the best mink lashes, all of our Fluffy mink lashes are the latest style in the market, all designed by our own designer. So you should find the Mink Lashes Factory, who do have their own designer and they can do custom lashes for you. Besides, do test all the lashes sample in a special way, and you will find the difference. When you receive your sample from a different fluffy mink lashes vendor, just apply on by yourself, and you will feel the difference. So next, ask the price, and test the market, marketing and profits are the basics of your fluffy mink lashes business line. If you want to get more money from the business, you should know your marketing first, On the other way, which fluffy mink lash do your customers love?
wholesale 6D mink lashes HG015
wholesale Fluffy 6D mink lashes HG015
so your fluffy mink lashes vendor must know the bestseller, and supply you best seller, you can easily sell your fluffy mink lashes out. If you want to know more Fluffy Mink Lashes Vendor List, contact us, we will share the top 5 Fluffy Mink Lashes Suppliers with you guys.

Who supplies Fluffy lashes bulk order?

There are many fluffy lash vendors in the market, and today we will share some of the fluffy mink eyelash vendors to you who are tested by Sally Lashes, and you can make a perfect order right now. The first lashes vendor is Sally Lashes, if you want to order now, you can contact us by WhatsApp, we supply 24H service to you, and can ask for any questions about your fluffy mink lashes and business, our salesman will help you solve all the issues you met with skills tips. The second Fluffy Mink Lashes Vendor to the USA Is Sisley Lashes
wholesale 20mm 3D mink lashes
wholesale 20mm 3D mink lashes
They focus on the USA Lashes Marketing, and no matter what do you want to buy and make, they have their own design team and skilled works, so if you want to choose a good wholesale mink lashes Vendor, you can choose Sisley Lashes to be your professional mink lashes vendor. The third fluffy mink lash vendor is Lashes Vendor. You can choose any mink lashes vendor from Lashes Vendor. All are selected by the website, and you may find Sally Lashes too. So we do have many fluffy mink lashes vendors lists if you want to get the whole list, you can add WhatsApp, we will share more with you guys.

Why fluffy 25mm mink lashes wholesale so popular in the market?

  If you already have your mink lashes business line, you may find 25MM Fluffy Mink Lashes are very popular in the market. They are long and dramatic, fluffy and glossy, girls love them very much. Especially in the USA, this style of fluffy mink lashes is easily sold out. But there are many bad 25mm fluffy mink lashes in the market, so there is a huge opportunity to start your mink lashes with top-grade fluffy mink eyelashes, not everyone can buy the real fluffy mink lashes from the market.
wholesale fluffy mink lashes factory
wholesale fluffy mink lashes factory

How much do 3D Mink Fluffy Lashes cost?

Usually, the real fluffy mink lashes cost 3USD to 12USD, and if your lashes vendor tell you the price only 1USD TO 2 USD, YOU CAN’T BUY THE REAL fluffy mink lashes. Why?

First, the cost of the material.

The price of raw material is much more expensive than the other material. And if you buy the cheap one, you can’t buy the real mink fur, or they make the lashes mix with fiber or plastic or something else.

The second, the cost of time.

If you buy the real fluffy mink lashes, they are all made by hand, and if you buy the cheap one, they must be made by machine. So the quality is bad, and the lashes will lose soul, which is also not comfortable. So if you buy the cheap fluffy mink lashes, you should test them, and if you make Fluffy Mink Lashes Bulk Orders, you may get this cheap wholesale price, it depends.

How to make mink lashes fluffy again?

If your Mink Lashes are the best quality, you can wash them with water and Lash Shampoo and then use a paper towel to dry them, and then use a hair dryer to dry them, and use your eyelash brushes to make the effect 3D. Your mink lashes will be fluffy again, and usually, each pair of real mink lashes use can use this way, otherwise, your lashes will be destroyed by the water or hairdryer. For more information please subscribe our YouTube Channel Sally Lases. Will reply to you ASAP.

How to make your own eyelashes?

Mink Lashes Business is very popular in the USA, more and more girls want to make their own eyelashes and start their own lashes business, so today, Sally Lashes will teach you How To Make Your Own Eyelashes step by step.

First, Design your own Lashes style

If you want to make your own eyelashes style, you have to design them first, so you should have your own lashes designer and if you don’t have your designer, you should find a Lashes Factory who have their own designer, so you should cooperate with them, and give you all your ideas to your Lashes Vendor, and they will design the style for you. As you know, not every Mink Lashes Factory have their own lashes designer, and they buy semi-finished material and then produce the mink lashes. So if you want to produce your own mink lashes, you should find the best mink lashes vendor such as Sally Lashes, which have their own designer.

Second, Find your professional and trustworthy Lash Vendor

As you know, this is a technical thing if you have a good way to find your professional and trustworthy lashes vendor, and now we suggest an easy and best way. You can use Google and input keyword, Lashes Vendor, and Google can tell you the best lashes vendors, don’t click the Ads, Google will check everything for you, so you can easily find your best mink lashes vendor through Google.
5D Mink Lashes 5DM19
5D Mink Lashes 5DM19
Google will suggest all top Lashes Vendors for you, and you can choose the one who ranks top 1 or top 1 page, and this is the best and easy way. And if you have no ideas about How To Choose Eyelash Vendors, we can help you step by step to make a good decision. And What Should You Do When You Find Your Lashes Vendor? Follow us, we will share skills tips with you, which will be of great help to you and your mink lashes business line.

Third, Make a name for each style of lashes

A good style names your customer will remember the style, such as Lilly Lashes Miami, when it comes to the Miami lashes style, girls can easily find Lilly Lashes, and get the exact style you like. So it is necessary to make a unique amazing style name for each style lash. So that your customer can buy the one they love directly, at the same time, it will save time to choose and will promote your sales.

Fourth, Test your Lashes in the market

Make sure your lashes styles are all the updated and popular styles in the market that girls love very much. Otherwise, no one will buy from you. So you should test the market and send it to your customers and friends to test them first before you sell the lashes. If you have no idea about How To Test The Quality Of 3D Mink Lashes, you can read this post, we will help you to test them. Make sure to choose and produce more styles that your customers love so that you can easily sell them out and get more and more customers and profits from the market.
5D Mink Lashes 5DM02
5D Mink Lashes 5DM02

Fifth, Promote your lashes business line with skills tips.

There are to many skills tips and free way to promote your lashes business line, and here are the most we use :

1 Build Your YouTube Channel

YouTube is the biggest video website people use, and they will choose YouTube to see the product directly to check the style and quality. So you can build your own YouTube channel and show your products and service to your customers through YouTube Channel. You will get more and more subscribers when your customer find you. So your will get more and more new customer from the YouTube.

2 Build your website and start your SEO work.

When it comes to the website, you should know Google, the biggest Search Engine in the digital market. So just start your website and your SEO work. Your customer will find you and make an enquiry to you. If you want high-quality products photo and to build your own professional website, please free to contact us WhtsApp, we will help you step by step to make a professional website. And for the SEO work, you can hire a professional man to do this work for you, because this is technical work, the man must know Google very well. So you will get more and more organic traffic from Google, and your business line will get bigger and bigger.
5D Mink Lashes 5DM05
5D Mink Lashes 5DM05

Sixth, Design your logo

Each brand should a unique logo so that your customer will remember your business. And if you want to get a free eyelash logo, you can read this post How To Get A Free Lash Logo we will help you design a free logo for you, and you can also choose Fiverr to design a logo. Usually, it will take 30 USD.

Seventh, make your custom lashes packaging

If you want to build your lashes brand, you’d better do custom packaging, which will show your brand strength to your customers, at the same time, will promote your business line, and bring confidence to your customers. And if you want to know the importance of lashes packaging, and design your own Lashes Packaging

Eighth, Make your price strategy.

You should do a survey to know the consumption level of your target customers and competitors. Know them, know yourself, in order to win. How to make a price strategy step by step?

1 Check your cost

This is the basic if you want a perfect price strategy, and you should check each cost of your business line cost. Make a list that you totally spent and then you can calculate the cost per pair of lashes. Do not just check the cost your Mink Lashes Vendors send to you, that is just the exact cost of your mink lashes, you should add the cost of shipment, packaging, remittance fee, and post bags, your cost of ads, websites, photo, office, employees, office, computers, your time and energy, and so on.

2 Make a marketing survey.

You can use your keywords and Google, and you will find so many competitors, and compare your mink lashes with theirs. Do not just focus on the price, make sure to find the same quality lashes, and they make an order to test. Why  you should make an order? You will find more details when you finish the whole order. When you receive your order, open the box and you will find the secret. If you want to know more details about how to study your competitors, you can add WhatsApp, we will tell you more about the secret of your competitors. When you see the price of your competitors, you will calculate your profits easily if you make a list of your cost. So if you may have many market strategies to make more money from your lashes business line.

1 Build your lashes brand.

So you should have your own website, and you should do an Advertisement to let more and more people to know you and your brand name. Such as Google Advertisement, Facebook advertisement. And make sure to choose Best Mink Lashes Vendors, who make and design Premium Mink Lashes for you. So that you will get more and more profits and customers. This is what we suggest you should do to be a well-known lashes vendors.

2 Lower that your competitors

And this is a easy way to get your customers if your lash’s quality are as same as your competitors, and people would like to buy good mink lashes with cheaper price. Attention, make sure you make profits form the lower price strategy, and make sure you have too many orders, so that you can win more. These are the basic two ways that most Lashes Vendor will do, and the most lash vendors would like to do the Lower price strategy first and then build the lash brand, We do suggest this method. Wish everyone find the professional lashes vendor and the popular style in the market. If you need professional help,welcome add WhatsApp.

Where to find Mink Lash Vendors?

There are all kinds of Mink Lash Vendors in the market, all of them said they are the Best Mink Lash Vendors, what should you do to find your own Mink Lash Vendors? How to make a perfect order from your Mink Lashes Vendors?

Today, Sally Lashes will teach you how to find the best mink lash vendors from the market step by step.

Step 1 Open your search engine Google.

Google is just like a brain, and expert, they can provide your many lashes vendor on the internet, and you can easily find your answer through Google.

Step 2 Input your keyword Lashes Vendor or Eyelash Vendor.

Step 3 Google will show you many guaranteed Mink Lashes vendor

Google only pushes you high-quality lashes vendor for you, so trust google, you will find the best mink lash vendors for you.

Step 4 Make a Mink Lash Vendor List.

You should collect each lashes vendor and the Lashes Vendor Website, collect information from Google suggest vendors.

Step 5 Contact with Mink Lash Vendors you find.

Every lashes vendor has connected information or social media on the website, so you can find them easily on the website. but, what questions should you ask to get good information from your lash vendors?

First, Where are you located?

Some lashes vendors said they are Mink Lashes Vendor From The USA, You should be careful, most of the Lashes Factory comes from China, and they may be distributors not the Lashes Supplier and Manufacturer. and if you want to get more tips to negotiate with your lashes factory, you can click the post How To Negotiate With Your Mink Lashes Factory? We will tell you how to get the best wholesale price step by step.

Lashes sample is very important to you to test the quality of the mink lashes, you can’t make a decision just according to the website and salesman. No one said they are Bad mink lashes vendor, you have to test the lashes and service by yourself.

Second, Do you supply lashes samples?


So lashes sample is the key point you know your lashes vendor, and Lashes Vendor, as one of the best mink lashes vendor, we are confident with our lashes and service, so we supply Free Mink Lashes Sample to our customer. If you want to know, How to get a free lashes sample, you can read our post Do You Want To Get Free Lashes Samples? we will show you how to get a free mink lashes sample step by step, and you will know the importance of lashes sample order.

Third, May I Have your lashes catalog?

The professional Mink Lashes Vendor will send you their lashes catalog for your reference, so you can choose the style you want easily from the lashes catalog. Make sure you receive the high-quality Lashes Catalog so that you can check clearly, if you are not sure, you can ask for a video to check the quality and style.

Fourth, Check their social media.

If your vendor does have an IG account and Youtube Channel and make sure they update the content regularly. You can make an order with the truth.

Step 6 Make sample orders.

You can choose any pair you like to make a sample order and test them. In order to make sure sure you make the right decision, you can make a small order, such as 20 to 100 lashes. why should you make a small order? Because some lashes vendor sends you high-quality lashes as a sample when you make the real order, they change the quality, the bulk orders are not as same as the sample then sends to you. So you can make a small order, and check each pair of them.

Step 7 Focus on sales.

No matter what your mink lash vendors tell you, you should keep an eye on sales, if you can hold them easily and your customers love them very much, congratulations, you find the right mink lash vendors. So you should make another order immediately, and if you want to make a larger order, you should tell your mink lash vendor the quantity you want to order, and tell them to give you a good wholesale price. In fact, different lashes different customers, but you should focus on sales, and if your sales are going down, that will tell you, your lashes are out of date or with poor quality, your customers don’t like these.

So you should update your mink lash or change a new lash vendor so that you can get more money from the business line.

More details about Mink Lash Vendors welcome to leave comments to us and add WhatsApp, we will help you solve all issues from your mink lash business line. Because we are expert of mink lashes industry, and we have met a lot of difficulties that you have never seen before. So if you need help just let us know, we will try our best to help you solve your issues with our patience and professional skills.

If you want to cooperate with  Lashes Vendor and choose us to be your first Mink Lash Vendor, we supply Free Lashes Sample to you, because we do believe you will love the quality of our mink lashes. Besides, we are Mink Lashes Factory, we will provide you the cheapest wholesale price. If you want to order the best mink lashes at the cheapest price, you can’t miss Lashes Vendor.

How To Find A Wholesale Faux Mink Lashes Vendors?

How To Find A Wholesale Faux Mink Lashes Vendors?

What Is Faux Mink Lashes ?

  • Faux mink lashes is made of a special material we called plastic fiber, which is a vegan material,very similar to the real mink fur but there are some main difference between faux mink lashes and real mink lashes .

Faux Mink Lashes Vs Real Mink

First Of All, Material.

  • The faux mink lashes are made of plastic fiber, and the real 3d mink lashes are make of 100% real mink fur.

Second, The Weight Of The Two Kinds Lashes.

  • The faux mink lashes are much lighter and softer than real mink lashes if you find a good Faux Mink Lashes Vendor.If you are a vegan man, so this your first choice instead of the plastic one. But the Real 100% Mink Lashes is the best choice if you are not, which is vivid and will make a perfect luxury appearance.

Third, The Price Of The Two.

  • The faux mink lashes is much cheaper than real 25mm mink lashes but if you want to make a good order, you can’t choose the lashes only according to the price.
  • You should know what your customer needs and feel, and buy the best quality and safe faux mink lashes to meet the market. And then you will have a huge customer and profit.
  • usually, the faux mink lashes mink fur is 1 USD to 2.5 USD according to your quantity . of course, you can buy them in a very cheap way. But for the bad lashes, they are worthless. They will destroy your customer and your business line.
  • and the real mink fur is much more expensive, and the mink fur is about 3 USD to 12 USD according to your style and quantity if you choose the Best Mink Lashes .

Our Faux Mink Lashes Vegan?

  • Absolutely! First, the raw material is specially made by synthetic material, which is vegan material. And the faux 3d mink lashes is much more similar with real mink fur.

How To Distinguish The Faux Mink Lashes From Mink Lashes Fur?

  • Today , Sisley Lashes tell you an easy way to find the difference:

First , Burn With Fire, Then Smell .

  • If you smell the burning of protein, that will be real mink fur, and the smell is as same as you burn your hair.
    If find the smell of plastic, that will be faux 3d mink lashes.

Second, Burn With Fire, And Then Feel The Ash.

  • Protein will be carbon after burning, so you can feel the carbon and you can use your fingers to crush them into powder.
    If the ash is hard , and like a stone, that will be faux mink lashes.

Are Faux Mink Lashes Cruelty-Free?

  • yes. As we said they are made by synthetic material, which is plastic and fiber. So they are vegan and cruelty-free.
  • And you can follow our post, you will know more about the secret of the lashes industry. And we will lead you to know the industry and market. You can contact us to get more professional information.

Where To Buy Faux Mink Lashes Beauty Supply?

How to apply fake lashes?

Many girls don’t know How To Apply Fake Lashes, and if you don’t know How To Put On Fake Lashes you will destroy your lashes or eye makeup. So today, Sally Lashes tell you how to apply fake lashes step by step.

1 Take off your Fake Lashes with tweezers from the outside of your lashes tray.

Be careful to catch the band of the lashes, do not touch the fur of the lashes.

There are some glue on the tray to make the lashes on the tray with a perfect shape to match your eye.

5D Mink Lashes 5DM10A
5D Mink Lashes 5DM10A

2 Cut off the excess of the lashes.

Different people different eyes, so you should cut off the excess of the lashes with your scissors to match your eye.

Few people know this, in fact, not each pair of Fake Lashes can fit your eye very well. So you should measure it and cut off the excess of the Fake Eyelash.

3 Apply your lashes glue on the strip of your fake lashes.

There are may two kinds of lashes glue in the market: The first glue if the fast dry one, and when you put them on the band of the trip lashes, they are easy to dry within 2 seconds. This is used by professional makeup artists.

The second one is Hypoallergenic Eyelash Glue. They are safe and can be used by pregnant.

Few Lashes Vendor can produce this, and if you want to Buy the real Best Eyelash Glue, you can contact us.

No matter with lashes glue you use, Make sure to apply evenly so that your eye skin can touch your band of fake lashes totally. This is the basic of your eye makeup.

Wholesale colorful mink lashes CD89
Wholesale colorful mink lashes CD89

4 Wait for your eyelash glue dry and press the strip of your fake lashes.

It will take 5 to 15 seconds according to your eyelash glue. And when the water is gone, and your glue will be sticky.

5 Apply your fake lashes from the inner side to the outside of your eye.

This is the easy way, and you need a mirror to modify the position of the eyelash.

6 Apply black eyeliner to hide the strip of Fake lashes.

When you finish the work, your eye makeup will be natural and professional. And your strip lashes will be your own lashes instead of the fake lashes.

7 Apply mascara to your fake lashes.

You may use mascara if you apply natural fake lashes, and if you apply 20mm lashes or 25mm lashes, you may not use mascara. It depends on your favorite.

8 Apply your eye shadow to make professional eye makeup.

This is the last step of your eye makeup. And the color of the eye shadow depends on the style of fake lashes you choose.

9 Where to find your fake lashes vendor?

Sally Lashes is the best Fake Lashes Vendor from China, you can buy fake lashes at the best cheap wholesale price, and we are Fake Lashes Factory so we can supply Best Fake Lashes for you, and if you order bulk lashes, will much cheap than any Fake Lashes Vendors, the more the cheaper.

10 what the price of fake lashes?

Well, it depends on the material of the fake lashes you choose.

If you choose Mink Lashes, that will be a little bit expensive than fiber ones or plastic ones. So if you want to know the details of fake lashes, you can contact us to get an exact wholesale price.