Where to buy wholesale lashes?

Ⅰ. Who do wholesale lashes?

Wholesale Lashes were first made in China and were used for art in Peking Opera, which gives viewers a better visual effect. Nowadays, lashes are worn not just for art, but to boost your confidence and, in particular, to present women’s personal attractiveness. With the development of The Times, many countries are engaged in the eyelash business. Such as South Korea, Russia, etc., but the quality is not the best for their raw material cost is very low, so the quality is far less than Mink Eyelashes.

Wholesale lashes cheap

The quality of raw material affects the price of the lash. Relatively cheap raw materials include chemical fiber hair, horsehair, human hair, etc. Although the price is low, it cannot be reused. If worn for a long time, it will cause eye strain, and eye diseases will occur in severe cases. So from a health point of view, we don’t recommend them. Mink eyelashes are highly recommended. The mink eyelash can be reused up to 30 times, which will not waste resources. Therefore, the cost of each use is actually very low, and purchasing mink eyelashes is the most appropriate. Anyway, the more you order, the cheaper.

Wholesale lashes for sale

Mink eyelash is our best-selling style and our biggest source of profit. It can help you quickly seize the eyelash market and gain a bigger profit. Mink eyelashes are very popular in the US. The most popular style is the 25mm eyelashes which we call “long dramatic style” and “dramatic style” (20mm) and “natural style” (13-18mm). We mainly produce Wholesale Stripe Eyelashes, as well as colored eyelashes. If you have other color requirements, we will try our best to meet you. Go ahead and place an order! It is of great importance to choose the most suitable eyelashes according to your preferences. The eyelashes we produce are novel in design and high in quality, and most importantly, healthy. If you want to get the real Free Mink Eyelash Sample, please contact our staff and you will get three of our mink samples for free.

Wholesale lashes cruelty-free

Real mink fur cruelty free
Real mink fur cruelty-free
It is our duty to protect animals. We will never harm animals even if we engage in the mink eyelash business. We have cruelty-free certification, please rest assured to buy our eyelash products.

Ⅱ. Where to find wholesale lashes?

Eyelash Wholesale business has two kinds of model. One is through transactions between buyers and sellers (Eyelash Factories And Manufacturers) and third-party platforms. The other is the direct transaction between the buyer and the seller, without the involvement of a third party. There are many Eyelash Factories around the world, mostly in developing countries. You can come to China where there are so many excellent eyelash factories, especially in Qingdao. Our factory is located in Qingdao, and the eyelashes we produce are not only of high quality but also have no middleman to earn the difference, so the price is competitive.
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Ⅲ. How to buy Lashes Wholesale?

You can buy wholesale lashes through online and offline channels. Offline is to go to a physical store to pick out the style you like, but the number of such physical stores is limited, generally without abundant eyelashes. Most people Wholesale Mink Eyelashes through online transactions. Online platforms mainly include Google, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. With the guidance of these platforms, you can make your own choices, but be careful to identify false information. If you can’t identify them, please contact us via WhatsApp and we’ll give you free advice.

Ⅳ. When to get the lashes?

Generally, our sales staff will immediately package and deliver the goods to you within 24 hours after placing the order and paying. It will take three days at the soonest to arrive, but it may take 3 to 10 days in case of special circumstances. Our advantage is to quickly get our products into the hands of customers, which is different from the traditional way.

Lashes and packaging

Once the order is placed and the payment is finished, we will immediately arrange packaging and dispatch express delivery. Our packing method is very strong, and usually, there will be no breakage or damage during the transportation unless there is a violent collision. If any damage occurs during the process and some damage is caused, you can contact our staff to make a claim.

Wholesale Mink Lashes and Packaging Vendors

Mink eyelashes are our main product. We use imported mink as raw material, which is not easy to deform and can be used repeatedly. Our Mink Lashes are not manufactured by machines, on the contrary, each eyelash is carefully selected by our workers and made by hand. Unlike other eyelashes, our mink eyelashes use a physical method to achieve the 3D effect, without any chemical solution and do no harm to your eye skin. During the process of high-temperature heating, we strictly control the temperature to sterilize. We believe that you prefer to use a healthy product. So buy our mink eyelashes! And you will have the chance to participate in our promotion activities and enjoy the coupon.
wholesale eyelash packaging suppliers
wholesale eyelash packaging suppliers

Wholesale lashes box vendors

We also make boxes for eyelashes. Our eyelash boxes have a variety of styles, including cardboard boxes, plastic boxes, and paperboard boxes. Cardboard boxes are light but easy to be damaged in the course of transportation, while plastic and paperboard boxes are not. Not only that, but you can also customize your own box, and we will print your brand, slogan, etc. on the box through different processes according to your needs. Our professional design team will give you a free design and we believe that a beautiful box will let you sell eyelashes faster, so as to obtain more profits.

. Which kind of person does eyelash wholesale suit?

Mink lashes for makeup artists

Makeup artists are very suitable for wholesale lashes. They apply makeup to different people, so wholesaling different styles of eyelashes is necessary. A mature makeup artist has the ability to choose the lashes that best suit her according to the different characteristics of every woman. It is a good way to provide the most comfortable eyelashes to keep customers.

Lashes for beauty bloggers

Beauty bloggers are very suitable for wholesale eyelashes because many people learn about makeup and how to choose products that suit them, especially eyelashes. Different eyelashes will have different effects. It is believed that through the wearing and display of beauty bloggers, their fans will be able to find appropriate eyelashes that can fully show their charm.

What are half lashes?

Half Lashes is one of the very scarce types of strip lashes, we also called half lashes Half Strip Lashes.
Half Lashes
Half Lashes
Because the strip if only the strip lashes, only 10-16mm long, so that we called them Half Lashes or Strip Lashes. More and more ladies would love to choose them instead of the lash extension. Because they can make perfect lash extension effect at home by themselves with little money at any time.

The material of half lashes

Most of the Lashes belongs to the luxury lashes, made of the real mink fur, but if you want to order faux mink strip lashes, we can also do that for you. Such as fiber, silk, or plastic ones. We can do any style , any material for you, all the luxury lashes are design and produce by our own R&D team.

How much do half lashes cost?

Usually the price is as same as the natural one, but the materials will save a lot than the natural lashes or long dramatic lashes. So the price will be a little lower than the natural one or long dramatic one. If you want to get a exact wholesale price, please add our WhatsApp, we will send our strip lashes catalog to you, and will give you an exact wholesale price. As we are the manufacturer of the lashes, who can give you a competitive wholesale price. Besides, the more the cheaper.

Where to buy half lashes?

If you want to buy Wholesale Lashes at a good price and high-quality, you should choose Lash Vendors come from China. Only China Lashes Factory can do high-quality lashes, which is the birthplace of the lashes. Own rich production experience.
Half strip lashes D247
Half strip lashes D247
They supply over 70% of the world’s market production, most of the famous lashes brand all purchase luxury lashes from China. As the leader of the lashes factory, Sally Lashes supply high-quality lashes to you at a competitive wholesale price, all the lashes are in stock, no Minimum of quantity limit, you can order according to your budget. Have have helped more than 100,000,000 customers started their lashes business, and more and more lash bars and shops would love to order lashes from Sally Lashes to promote the lashes business.

Are half lashes easier to apply?

Yes. of course. They are much shorter and lighter than the natural lashes and dramatic lashes, so that you can put on little lashes adhesive on the surface of the band. Align with the outer corner of the eyelashes and stick them on. Beside, if you love lash extension, the strip lashes can make the same effect if you choose the right style of this type lashes. This is why more and more girls and ladies would love the choose the half lashes as their first choice. If you love Lash Extension, and do not have enough time and energy, so the short lashes will be your first choice. They are easy to be applied, cost little time, light-weight, can not cause eye strain. And if you want to make a professional cat eye, you can test the short lashes. If you want to add some new lashes styles and promote your lashes business, you can add our WhatsApp, we will send our short lashes catalog to you ASAP.

Half Lashes Catalog

More issues about your the half strip lashes, please leave comments below, we will reply one by one, and if you want to promote your Lashes Business, we are the professional Lashes Factory, who can help you success in your lashes business.

The Lash Business in 2023: Is it Still Profitable?

The beauty industry is one that continues to grow and evolve, with new trends emerging every year. One of the most popular services in the industry is Lash Business, which has gained immense popularity in recent years.

With the rise in demand for eyelash, many entrepreneurs are wondering if the Lash Business is still Profitable in 2023.

The Growing Demand for Eyelash

Eyelash have become a must-have beauty treatment for many women.

The trend is not just limited to women but has extended to men as well,

who are now investing in eyelash to enhance their overall appearance.

The demand for eyelash has only increased over the years and is expected to grow even further in 2023.

lashes factory
lashes factory

The Benefits of Starting a Lash Business

Starting a lash business has several advantages, including:

Low start-up costs:

Starting a lash business does not require a large investment, making it an attractive option for entrepreneurs.

High profit margins:

The beauty industry is known for its high profit margins, and the lash business is no exception.

With the right marketing strategies and customer service, a lash business can generate a significant profit.


A lash business can be run from the comfort of your home or a small lash salon.

This allows for a flexible work schedule, making it ideal for entrepreneurs who have other commitments.

Start your lash business
Start your Lash business

Factors that Affect the Profitability of a Lash Business

There are several factors that can affect the profitability of a lash business, including:


The location of your business plays a crucial role in its success.

A lash business in a high-traffic area is more likely to attract customers compared to one in a low-traffic area.


The beauty industry is highly competitive, and the lash business is no exception.

It is important to stay ahead of the competition by offering unique services, high-quality lashes, and exceptional customer service.

Marketing strategies:

The success of a lash business also depends on the marketing strategies implemented.

Effective marketing strategies such as social media advertising, word-of-mouth recommendations,

and loyalty programs can help attract new customers and retain existing ones.


In conclusion, the lash business is still highly profitable in 2023, with the growing demand for eyelash and the numerous benefits it offers.

Entrepreneurs who are considering starting a lash business should take the time to research and understand the factors that can affect its profitability.

With the right strategies in place, a lash business can be a lucrative and rewarding venture.

If you want to start or continue your lash business, we will help you start and promote step by step with our Luxury Lashes,

besides, we can also design custom packaging for you, and help you build your lashes brand step by step.

Please contact me if you want to success in the lashes business in 2023. We can also help you promote your lashes business,

and make sales strateges for you. Such as socail digital marketing, and more professional knowledge about the lashes industry, please leave comments or contact us by WhatApp.

If you want to change your Lash Vendors, Sally Lashes will be your first choice, we will supply high-quality luxury lashes at a good cheap wholesale price for you, and give you a good budget, make sure to build a win-win cooperation situation.

How to choose eyelash factory?

An Eyelash Factory is a manufacturing facility that specializes in producing eyelashes and eyelash extensions. These eyelash factories can be found all over the world, but some of the most popular locations for eyelash production is China.
lashes factory
lashes factory

What are eyelash factory?

Eyelash factory are manufacturers that specialize in producing eyelashes and eyelash extensions. Many of these factories can be found in China, which are known for their high-quality lashes and advanced production techniques. Wholesale lashes are also a popular aspect of the eyelash factory business, which allows manufacturers to produce lashes at a lower cost and make them more affordable for customers. If you want to start your lashes business or find a reliable eyelash factory, you should keep an eye on the China Lashes Factory.
China lashes vendor
China lashes vendor

Why choose China eyelash factory?

China is known for being a major player in the eyelash manufacturing industry. The country has a large number of eyelash factories that produce high-quality lashes at affordable prices. Most of the famous lashes brads such as Lilly Lashes, Kiss USA, Ardell Cosmetics, Baddie B, Tatti Lashes etc. They buy cheap wholesale lashes from China Lashes Factory, if you want to buy the same style lashes at reasonable prices, you can add our WhatsApp, will give you a good wholesale price.

Birthplace of the eyelashes

China is the birthplace of the lashes, many famous lashes factory located in Qingdao, China. They have rich production experiences since Qing Dynasty. Over 85% of the luxury lashes comes from China. If you want to buy cheap wholesale lashes and build your lashes brand, you should choose the China lashes factory.
luxury lashes
luxury lashes


Many of China lashes factories use advanced technologies and techniques to ensure that their eyelashes are of the highest quality. Additionally, many Chinese eyelash factories have strict quality control measures in place to ensure that their eyelashes meet international standards. This is the main reason why most lash vendors love to choose eyelash factory from China. If you want to buy the high-quality lashes at a good cheap wholesale price, never miss Sally Lashes, will send our lashes catalog to you, all the luxury lashes are in stock, you can choose any style you like, and we will ship to you within 24 Hours.
wholesale eyelashes
wholesale eyelashes

Cheap price

Another important aspect of the eyelash factory business is the wholesale aspect, where the factory sells its lashes in bulk to retailers and distributors. This allows the manufacturers to produce a larger quantity of lashes at a lower cost, which makes them more affordable for consumers. Wholesale lashes are also a great option for businesses that want to resell lashes to their customers. More and more lash shops, lash bars, and online lashes business owners would love to buy Bulk Lashes Orders from lashes factory at an affordable cheap price. When it comes to purchasing lashes, it is important to choose a reputable lashes factory with a good reputation for producing high-quality lashes.
25mm luxury lashes
25mm luxury lashes

How to choose a reputable eyelash factory?

When you are looking for a reputable eyelash factory, there are main 8 steps you can take to ensure you are working with a reputable and reliable eyelash supplier.

Research different factories

Start by researching different eyelash factories through Google, including their reputation and customer reviews. Look for lashes factories that have a good track record of producing high-quality lashes and providing excellent customer service.

Check for certifications

Make sure the factory you are considering is certified by relevant organizations, such as ISO or SGS. This will indicate that the lashes factory has met certain quality standards and is committed to producing safe and high-quality products.

Visit the factory

If possible, arrange to visit the factory in person to get a sense of the facility, the quality of the lashes, and the level of customer service provided by the factory. This will also give you an opportunity to see the lashes production process. You will have a more in-depth and comprehensive understanding of the lash factory and styles you choose.
luxury lashes with box
luxury lashes with box

Ask for samples

Ask for samples of the lashes produced by the factory to evaluate the quality and determine if they meet your expectations. This is a very necessary step before you place a bulk order.

Check the price

Compare the prices of different factories and make sure you are getting a fair price for your lashes.

Communicate with the lashes factory

Once you have found a reputable eyelash factory, establish good communication with the factory to ensure that you are kept informed of any changes or issues that may arise.

Check out their portfolio and ask for references

Look at the factory’s portfolio of work and ask for references from other businesses they have worked with. This can give you an idea of the quality of their work and their level of customer service.

Check the lead time and MOQ

Make sure the eyelash factory can meet your lead time and minimum order quantity requirements. In addition, when working with a eyelash factory, it’s important to be transparent and clear about your expectations, including the quality and quantity of lashes that you need and any specific requirements that you may have.
lashes lead time
lashes lead time
Communication is key to a successful relationship with your eyelash factory. By following these 8 steps, you can increase your chances of finding a reputable and reliable eyelash factory that can provide you with high-quality lashes that meet your needs and help you grow your lashes business. Regardless of whether you’re a lash business owner looking to purchase Wholesale Lashes or a consumer looking for the perfect pair of lashes, it’s important to choose a reputable Eyelash Factory such as Sally Lashes. More issues about cheap wholesale lashes please feel free contact us, we will try our best to help you.

Do you really know strip lashes?

If you have a Strip Lashes Salon and need purchase first-class Strip Lashes, you have to find a correct Strip Lashes seller,

and these days Sally Lashes will display you all the key data you need to understand approximately the Strip Lashes.

Regardless of your are our normal client or newer, will assist you are making a right order at an excellent rate.

How many style strip lashes within the market?

There are fundamental seven kind strip lashes in the marketplace, and will show you separately, want you are making a super order, and select the only you want.


First, Strip lashes extensions

Strip lashes extensions is the strip lashes that like extensions, you may also known as them Russian Strip Lashes.

They are the mixture kind of the strip lashes and lash extension, when you have no time to go to the lash bar to do lash extension,

then the strip lashes extension may be a great choice.

You and your purchaser can practice them by way of themselves at home if they could practice the strip lashes, easily and convenient.


2d, Mink Strip Lashes

Mink Strip Lashes is product of the actual Siberian Mink Fur, that is fluffy, fabulous, and splendid, they belong to the posh Lashes,

the high-quality cloth inside the market, they are able to dissipate to 25+ times if you pick out the high quality.

If you have your own Lashes business, you can’t omit these luxury Lashes. They’re a little bit extra steeply-priced than the alternative substances.


Third, Hybrid Strip Lashes

Hybrid strip lashes is manufactured from the synthetic fiber or plastic substances, they’re very soft and secure.

On the same time, they may be a lot inexpensive than the actual mink fur.

That is the primary product within the market, most girls would like to pick out the Hybrid strip lashes, not best because they’re gentle, but also reasonably-priced.


Fourth, backside strip lashes

Bottom strip lashes are special for the bottom natural lash, they’re short, they may be now not the popular product, because most ladies could now not like to strive.

However we do produce the lowest strip lashes, if you want to order, please contact us with the aid of WhatsApp, we will ship the catalog to you, you may pick out the only you like.

All the lashes are in stock, we will deliver to you within 24 Hours.

5th, Magnetic strip lashes

Magnetic strip lashes belong to the strip lashes, and that they have magnets to attach at the natural lash.

You ought to use the magnetic lashes glue, in case you want to shop for the reasonably-priced wholesale magnetic lashes glue,

please contact us through WhatsApp, will provide you with a good wholesale fee.

Sixth, natural strip lashes

If you love herbal lashes, you can attempt natural strip lashes, they’re short with natural appearance.

The period of the lashes varies from 5mm to 18mm, so we also can called them short lashes or quick natural lashes.


7th, man or woman Strip Lashes

People lashes belong to the cluster lashes, and additionally belong to the strip lashes.

Those lashes comes from a technique that a few artists would love to apply the strip lashes with numerous element

and cut them to four to 6 component and practice on them one after the other.

Some a bit bit like the lash extension, they apply at the people lashes with the manner.

In case you love individuals strip lashes, please go away remarks beneath, will ship our catalog to you.


In which to shop for reasonably-priced wholesale strip lashes?

All of the precise wholesale lashes dealer comes from China, in case you want to shop for the terrific strip lashes at an excellent wholesale fee,

make sure pick out a China Lashes dealer.

Because China is the birthplace of the lashes due to the fact that Qing Dynasty. We use them at the degree of the Beijing Opera.

They very own key method inside the lashes enterprise, so in case you want to shop for the reasonably-priced wholesale strip lashes,

we advocate China lashes manufacturing unit.

One greater thing, all of the orders begin with samples, most of the seller deliver free sample to you to the marketplace and first-rate.

Do no longer make the majority orders at the primary time.

How a good deal do strip lashes cost?

Charge of the mink strip lashes

Typically the mink strip lashes is the maximum highly-priced one, fee from 1.5 USD to 5 USD in step with the amount and style, the more the inexpensive.


Price of Hybrid strip lashes

This material is tons cheap than mink fur strip lashes, price from 1 USD to two USD in step with your style and amount.

In case you do custom lashes packaging, you can get an excellent wholesale price.

mink strip lashes

mink strip lashes

Rate of the magnetic strip lashes

Usually the magnetic lashes is fabricated from fiber or plastic substances, and the rate varies from the amount of the magnets.

Some magnetic strip lashes incorporate 6 magnets, and the exceptional one contain 12 magnets.


If you purchase reasonably-priced one, incorporate 6 magnets, so that it will be 1 USD to 1.5 USD,

and if you want to buy the fine one incorporate 12 magnets, to be able to be 2.Five USD to 3.

Five USD every pair. The more you order, the cheaper it is going to be.


Greater problems approximately wholesale strip lashes please go away feedback below, and you may touch us by using WhatsApp,

we will assist you solve all you met for your lashes commercial enterprise.

On the equal time, in case you order lashes from Sally Lashes, we are able to come up with a very good wholesale rate.

4 key points you should know about cluster eyelash extensions

Cluster Eyelash Extensions performs an critical component in the attention beauty enterprise, they belong to the Cluster Lashes, and Lash Extension, many salons love them because it is easy to fill quite a few space out the clusters, with a view to save a lot of time and electricity.

cluester eyelash extensions

cluester eyelash extensions

Where to shop for cluster eyelash extensions

When you have your own salons and lash stores, you ought to discover find a Cluster Eyelash Extensions manufacturing facility to get a competitive wholesale price.

In reality, maximum of the cluster eyelashes extensions providers comes from Qingdao, China, that is the hometown of the lashes, if you want to find your satisfactory Lash carriers, you must choose the real lashes manufacturing unit you need to choose the unique manufacturer, so that you can get an excessive amount of profits from the lashes business and get the low price.

Natural lash extension

Natural lash extension

Who do cluster eyelash extension near me?

Sally Lashes is one of the quality cluster eyelash extension seller who consciousness on the sector marketplace, you may get the lashes within four days if you order the lashes in stock.

All the cluster eyelash extension you order, we are able to do fascinated by you, specific length, one of a kind curl, and distinct diameter will do custom lashes consistent with your order.

cluster eyelash extension

cluster eyelash extension

What are cluster eyelash extensions?

Cluster eyelash extensions is one form of the lash extension, just like the character lashes, however with sever man or woman lashes in a package, in order that fill the gap more fast than the person lashes. With a purpose to keep time and energy to complete the system.


That is the basic ideas that we layout and produce the cluster lashes, in case you pick the individual Lash Extension so one can takes one to 2 hour to finish the work, but in case you pick out the Cluster Eyelash Extensions, so one can most effective takes half-hour to finish the paintings.

Cluster eyelashes extensions

Cluster eyelashes extensions

Extensively, you could also try this with semi-permanent glue by way of your self at home.

This is any other cause why so many lashes commercial enterprise owner buy this fashion lashes.

If you need to sell your lashes business with those Cluster Eyelash Extensions, please depart remarks beneath, we will come up with a competitive wholesale fee.

Which fabric must you pick out?

There are two primary cloth within the marketplace:

First, Mink cluster eyelash extensions

Mink cluster eyelash extensions are product of the mink fur, comes from the young mink, suitable, robust, and soft, but a touch bit more highly-priced than the other fabric.

2d, synthetic cluster eyelash extensions

Artificial cluster eyelash extensions are manufactured from the synthetic plastic and fiber, they may be smooth and the maximum popular material inside the market.

cluster lashes

cluster lashes

Beside, they are lots inexpensive than the mink fur. They belongs to the cheap Lashes.

There are huge possibility in the lash business marketplace. When you have your very own lashes business and lash salon, by no means omit this fabric.

Greater facts approximately the cluster lashes and fee, please experience loose touch us through WhatsApp, we will come up with a good wholesale price.

Where to buy Biodegradable lashes?

Sally Lashes is a professional Biodegradable Lashes Vendor, we supply the best lashes to the market, if you want to buy Eco-Friendly Lashes, we will send all the lashes catalog to you. Today, we will share all the information to you to help you know the Biodegradable Lashes.
Biodegradable lashes
Biodegradable lashes

What is biodegradable lashes?

The Biodegradable lashes is made of the fiber of the plant, so we can also called them Eco-friendly Lashes. No toxicity and own biological degradability. Be nonhazardous and friendly to the skin of eye and environment. More information about the material of the biodegradable lashes, please contact us by WhatsApp, we will send the MSDS to you, you will get all the data and sheets from the survey report.
Biodegradable lash
Biodegradable lash

Price of the Biodegradable Lashes

The biodegradable lashes is made of the fiber the the plant, so the price is much more cheaper than the real mink lashes, they are soft, and comfortable, cost from 1 USD to 2 USD according to your order. The more the cheaper.

Feature of the biodegradable lashes

There are six main features that the biodegradable lashes have, and also these are the six main reasons why more and more girls and ladies would love to choose the Biodegradable Eyelashes.

First, Eco-friendly

The main material is the fiber of the plant, belongs to the biodegradable materials, can be easy degraded in about 45 days to 60 days.

Second, easy to apply and comfortable feeling

They belongs to the Strip Lashes, girls can easily apply on them at home with an applicator in the front of the mirror.

Third, Reusable

They can reuse more than 4 times with right and gentle ways, so that will be too much cheaper each time.

Fourth, Much more cheaper than mink lashes

The plant fiber is much more cheaper than the real mink, so the biodegradable lashes is too much cheaper than the mink lashes. At the same time, you can make an professional eye make-up with biodegradable plant fiber material.

Fifth, too many style to choose

There are too many styles in the market for you too choose, girls can choose the one they like best from the catalog, if you want to get the whole catalog, please leave comments below, and we will send all the style to you, so you can choose the right one you love.

Sixth, easy to make an attractive look

All you need is just attractive biodegradable lashes and lashes glue, it is very easy to apply on and make an attractive eye makeup.
Biodegradable eyelashes
Biodegradable eyelashes

How to produce biodegradable eyelashes?

Extract fiber from plants

Eco-Friendly False Lashes’ composition is above 91.8% plant fiber. By working with chemists, we extract fiber from plants. which is strong, soft, and comfortable. And it was made into the material of lashes. After more than 12 processes, it was made into lashes raw material. And then we made the Biodegradable strip lashes with the those raw material.

Protect environment

It will continue to adhere to the ecological concept of sustainable development, such as plant fiber renewable, direct contact with the skin without harm, and natural degradation. Its appearance does not look different from other material lashes, but its band is thinner and softer than the others. It’s much more easier to decompose than PBT lashes in the soil. It couldn’t hurt the environment when decomposing. If you want to order the Best Biodegradable Lashes, please contact us by WhatsApp, we will send the whole lashes catalog to you, and just choose the style you like and how many do you want to order, we will give you a competitive wholesale price.

An increasing number of girls would like to choose Biodegradable Lashes with Biodegradable Lash Tray.

The biodegradable lash tray is likewise known as eco-friendly Lash Tray,

they’re recyclable, reusable and degradable in 45 days.

biodegradable lash tray

biodegradable lash tray

Biodegradable lash tray is made by means of sugarcane bagasse, belongs to the molded paper pulp, a unique craft in the paper industry.

We are able to produce your personal label on the floor of the tray.


Why select biodegradable lashes trays?

Biodegradable Lash Tray is made from bagasse, help lessen the wastage of substances after sugarcane harvest.

They are also completely compostable and take approximately three-6 months to decompose that’s comparable to palm and bamboo merchandise.

Pulping bagasse is also extra efficient and eco-friendly to the planet than creating a plastic lashes trays.

That is the key factor why such a lot of environmentalists love them.


In case you want to reserve them collectively along with your lashes and packaging, please permit me know by way of WhatsApp, will give you a great price.

biodegradable lashes tray

biodegradable lashes tray

Who deliver biodegradable lashes trays?

Sally Lashes is one of the first-class Biodegradable Lash Tray dealer, we are a Lash Tray manufacturer specialized in Biodegradable Lash Tray.

We helped such a lot of ordinary clients sell their Lash business,

and is you want to sell your lashes commercial enterprise and construct your personal lashes brand,

please feel unfastened touch us, we let you build your lash logo with private label and custom packaging.


On the equal time, irrespective of you’re our normal clients or more moderen on this lash enterprise,

we will come up with a competitive wholesale rate and occasional MOQ.

However the biodegradable lashes tray is a bit bit greater luxurious than the plastic one.

Except, they’re little bit greater heavier than the plastic one, so the shipping price will price a little bit more luxurious than everyday plastic one.


How tons do biodegradable lash trays price?

A few Lash seller bought them with $0.5 every one, in reality, they do price a bit bit extra, but in case you order from Sally Lashes,

so that it will be $zero.2 to $zero.Three if you order underneath 200 desktops, and in case you order extra than three hundred computers,

to be able to be too much cheaper, the greater you order, the cheaper might be.

If you want to get the precise cheap wholesale rate, you could upload our WhatsApp,

will come up with an precise cheap wholesale charge.

biodegradable lash trays

biodegradable lash trays

How many colors green lash tray do you have got?

Well, any colour will do in fact, however we handiest have white colour in stock, and if you need to do custom coloration,

the MOQ is 10000 computers, and a good way to take 15 business days.


In reality, maximum of the lashes are natural black, and the white tray may be the satisfactory one.

Besides, we will try our high-quality that will help you layout and produce an excellent shade for you.

Our design team and salesman team will create beautiful and atmospheric, low-cost answers for you.


More statistics about your promotions and sales answers please sense free touch us, we’re professional in lashes industry.

We can strive our first-class that will help you.

Where to buy natural lash extension?

Natural Lash Extension performs an essential part within the lash extension.

Most of the girls would love to choose the natural one in preference to the long dramatic one.

They would like to select the 8mm to 16mm long herbal lash extensions.

If you have your own Lash store or Lash Bar,

you may pick out an excellent herbal Lash Extension factory who produce Lash Extensions and supply reasonably-priced Wholesale herbal Lash Extension to you.

Right here are 3 ways to discover the right Lash providers:

Natural lash extension

Natural lash extension

First, Google.

You can locate too many Lashes manufacturing unit in Google with the key-word Lash supplier ,

or Lashes manufacturing facility, make certain pick the internet site with Lash or Lashes,

and choose China Lashes vendor if you need to buy the pleasant excellent at a cheap wholesale rate.


Second, Exhibition.

All the attendees are the lashes producer, but it’s far a little difficult within the COVID-19 duration.

And also you can not find the real lashes manufacturing unit easily.

So Google may be your first choice and all you ought to do is compare and pick one or two recognized Lashes providers.


Third, Social Media

You may take a look at the YouTube, Instagram, or TikTok. You can locate too many lashes provider available on the market,

and you can without problems check the information with video they posted.

mink eyelash extensions

mink eyelash extensions

How plenty do herbal lash extension cost?

If you buy wholesale natural Lash Extension so that it will be from 2.5 USD to three.Five USD in keeping with the material and amount.

The greater the less expensive.

And in case you do herbal Lash Extension at salon through professionals, to be able to cost 100 USD to two hundred USD,

and the lash artists will takes more than one hour to complete the work.


So if you consumer do no longer have time and money, some will pick the individual Lash Extension,

in order that clients can without difficulty apply them on at domestic with few minute.

In case you want to inquire the both, please add our WhatsApp, will give you an genuine wholesale rate.

How to apply lash extensions

How to apply lash extensions

How long do natural lash extension closing?

As you already know, the time depend upon the health of your herbal lashes and semi-everlasting glue,

each natural lash extension is attach to every natural wholesome lashes, in case your herbal lash falls down,

the lash extension will cave in too, besides, if you use superb lash glue, to be able to last more than 15 days.


When do herbal lash extension infills?

Commonly you have to infill new lash extension two weeks while your herbal lashes crumple.

However it depends at the lifestyles span of your natural lashes, specific people distinctive span.


Natural lash extension near me

You may effortlessly find your lash extension bar or lash store on Yelp,

and maximum lashes bar from Yelp purchase reasonably-priced wholesale lashes extension from China Lashes seller which include Sally Lashes.

If you need to shop for cheap wholesale lash extension, or begin your lashes enterprise, please sense loose contact us,

we allow you to start grade by grade at a great reasonably-priced wholesale charge.


Classic herbal lash extension

Classic natural lash extension is one of the most famous natural lash extension,

maximum of the women would really like to apply conventional natural lash extensions.

If you have your personal lashes salon, never leave out this conventional herbal lash extensions.


Besides, there are too many substances inside the marketplace, such as mink, fiber, and artificial materials.

Mink lash fur will be a little more expensive than the alternative ones,

however the fiber and artificial materials are an awful lot greater relaxed and inexpensive than mink lashes.

lash extensions

lash extensions

What’s the most natural eyelash extensions?

The most herbal extension substances are mink or silk. They’re additionally the maximum light-weight,

which makes them perfect for those who’ve by no means worn lash extensions earlier than.

If you want to shop for the satisfactory best natural eyelash extensions at a great reasonably-priced wholesale price,

please feel loose contact us through WhatsApp, will give you a aggressive wholesale price.


Do lash extension break your natural lashes?

Lash extensions virtually must no longer smash your herbal lashes in case you buy brilliant lashes from your diagnosed lashes providers.

Absolutely, herbal lashes handiest grow to be damaged from extensions if they may be applied incorrectly!

There are also multiple practices to keep in thoughts so that your natural lashes stay quality and healthy: don’t rub or tug at your lash.


Beside, all people loses their eyelashes obviously and is able to regrow new herbal lashes.

However you must pay attentions to your semi-everlasting lashes glue, in case you use the awful reasonably-priced lash glue,

with a purpose to do harm in your eyelash and eye pores and skin.


Extra troubles approximately herbal lash extensions, please experience free contact us,

in case you need to shop for high-quality lash extensions, please feel unfastened contact us.

We can go to the best that will help you clear up all of the troubles you stumble upon.

Do you want to start your Lash Wholesale business?

Most girls would love to start a small Lash Business when party seasons comes, so if you want buy Lash Wholesale order, you should find good lash vendors. And today will share more tips to you to help you start your Lashes Business, and make bulk order when the Christmas comes.

Lash Wholesale
Lash Wholesale

First, Where to buy Wholesale Lashes?

Two easy ways to help you find your wholesale lashes vendor:

First, Google

You can use keyword Lash Vendors to search on Google, and Google will give you too many suggestions and vendors Lists, what you should do is that check them one by one, contact with them and make sample orders test the quality first, and then make bulk orders.

Second, Social media

You search lash vendors on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and Pinterest, but you should check them if they are the real Lashes Factory, but you can check the photo they post on the Social media, which will help you make good decisions.

You can easily find the website and information you want, and then contact them by telephone or website.

As you know, most of the Lash Vendor and Factory come from China, so if you want to find the best lash vendors, you should choose China Lashes Vendors.

Lashes Wholesale
Lashes Wholesale

How to choose Lash Wholesale Mink Lashes?

When you find your Lashes Vendors, you should test the quality of the wholesale mink lashes.

First, put them on and feel the Comfort.

The high-quality mink lashes feel soft and lightweight, do not cause eye strain.

Second, test the band of the strip lashes.

The best mink lashes are made of cotton, light strong and soft.

The top of the mink fur

The best mink fur come to the tail of the young mink, which is sharpen and strait.

Bad mink fur are the broken ones.
You can check with magnifiers, so that you can easily find the details.

best mink lashes
best mink lashes

How to build Lashes Wholesale brand?

If you want to build your lash brand, five things you should have:

First, Brand Name.

This is the basic name you should have, so that you customer will remember you and your business.

Second, Lashes Logo

You should also have a Lashes Logo, if you want to do Free Lashes Logo, please leave comments below, we can design a free one for you if you order lashes and packaging from us.

Third, Build one Website

You should show your product and services on your business website, you can choose Shopify, so that your customers can shop on your website directly.

You should also show your brand name, logo on your website, in order to make a professional visual effect. Which will help to promote your lashes business.

We also supply high-quality product photo taken by our cameraman, and our website engineer will help you build your website too. so we supply one-shop service, and we can help you build your lashes brand step by step with professional skills.

Fourth, Social media

You should build all your official social media account, such as YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and Pinterest.

Show all the information about your products and services, begin with your friends and family, so that you will get more and more customers.

And link all the social medias to your website, so that your customer can buy them directly.

Fifth, Custom Lashes packaging

You should also do custom lash packaging, put on your brand name and logo on the front of the box, so that your consumer can easily remember them, and buy from you again.

You can start with 30 or 50 boxes, but if you want to get a good wholesale price, you can buy more, the more the cheaper.

Emma Lashes Factory systerm
Emma Lashes Factory systerm

How much do Individual false lashes wholesale cost?

If you want to get a good wholesale price, you should find a good lashes factory, but you should also buy high-quality individual false lashes in order to attract more and more customer and build your lashes brand.

If you buy Faux Mink Lashes, that will be 1 USD to 2 USD. And if you buy natural mink lashes, that will be 2 USD to 4 USD according to the quality and quantity.

And if you buy long Dramatic Mink Lashes that will be from 3 USD to 5 USD, and if you buy bad lashes, that will be too much cheaper, but you will lose your customers and destroy your lashes brand at last.

So I suggest you should buy high-quality lashes at a good cheap wholesale price, besides, the more the cheaper.

If you want to buy cheap wholesale high-quality lashes, please feel free contact us by WhatsApp. We will give you a good wholesale price.

lashes business
lashes business

Why choose Low MOQ Lash Vendors as your first vendor?

Most of the Lashes Vendor have high MOQ limit, so that if you want to start your lash business, you should at least buy 30 pairs lashes.

But if you are new, you should test the lashes first, so you have no ideas which style is the best seller, so you want to test each style.
So you should choose the Mink Lashes Vendor, such as Emma Lashes, who have no MOQ limit.

All of our lashes are in stock, and you can order any style lashes you love, and no MOQ limit for you.

So if you are newer and starter, never miss Emma Lashes. We will be the perfect Lashes Factory who can help you start your lash business step by step with patience.

Lashes Business online
Lashes Business online

Why so many girls love to choose Mink Lashes Wholesale business?

I do suggest young girls start a small business online at the CONVID-19 period.

So most of the girls would love the start the business with lashes.

First, easy to start.

Yeah, you can start your lash business easily if you find your mink lashes vendor.

Second, Low invest.

You can start with only $50 if you find a helpful lashes vendor such as Emma Lashes, which is cheap and affordable.

Third, Easy to sold them out.

As you know, if you buy your mink lashes from website or lash shop, you will at least spend $15 to $25, but if buy cheap wholesale lashes from the lashes factory, you can easily sold them out with only $10 to $15. There will be $5 to $10 profits each style.

More issues about the lash business, please feel free contact us, we will try our best to help you.