Why You Chose Sally Eyelash Vendors Wholesale

Reason Why You Chose Sally Eyelash Vendors Wholesale

Professional Worker. Our worker was working in mink eyelashes for more than ten years time, they have First-class manual technology. one worker one day can make 10 pairs of mink lashes only so that we can keep our mink lashes quality is the best.


Use the Rew Material We use 100% real mink fur, the fur all is from young minks from 1years to 2 years old. because the young mink have fur that is more glossy and vital. the furious collected when the minks fall their hair every year. allis natural fall hair.


So Many Kinds Of Styles, We have mink lashes designers, We have so many kinds of styles lashes, we have more than 300 styles to choose from the buyer, we also can make the lashes base on your sample or photo or your other request to make the lashes.


Custom Lashes Packagings, Our custom packaging for our own brand, our professional designers are designing custom packaging with your won private label. that is our good service.

Fast Delivery Time, We always have stock lashes, We use the UPS DHL FEDEX courier express, it only cost 3-5days delivery time. Let you received the products very fast.

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Our Mink Eyelashes are made of 100% natural mink fur. Mink Eyelashes are made from individually selected mink fur hairs that have been harvested by gently brushing live animals from Siberian, Russia. In this process, no animals will be harmed.

Hot sales for hot fashionable Mink Eyelashes, Come to Get inspired by Mink Eyelashes with a luxury custom package. Our lashes are natural-looking, soft with fast delivery.  Worldwide shipping Directly From Factory and Free sample Available.

OFFICIAL MINK LASHES wholesale 3d mink lashes vendor and China Eyelash Manufacturer help you how to start a 3D Mink lashes business line with 13-18 20 25mm lashes