How To Start My Own False Eyelash Brand?

Hi ,guys,this is market manager Jack from Sally lashes, and today I would tell you how to start your own false eyelash brand step by step,and share the skills and helpful tips for you guys and help you start your lashes business easily.

1st first of all ,you should prepare for the start-up capital.


There’s some cost you have to pay for ,such as 3D Mink Lashes cost ,3D Mink Lashes Custom Packaging Box,website cost,and shipping cost,LOGO cost.

So you should prepare 100 USD at least to start your lashes business.

2n Design your logo.

You can do this with two ways to design your logo.

First way ,you can do your logo by Fiverr APP ,and that would cost you 30 USD, there are many designers on the App,but I suggest you choose the one from 30 to 45 USD cost,and don’t use the one just cost 5 USD,because the designer would copy the logo from the other ,and you can’t own the copyright.

The second way is that you can ask your Wholesale 3D Mink Lashes Vendor to do this job for you, because professional Lashes Vendor have their own designer,and they would like to do this job for you.

3rd choose your Mink Lashes Vendor Wholesale


You should choose the one who can design for your own style even if you won’t design your own lashes ,just to test the lashes vendor weather have the ability to design lashes and update the lashes in time to guarantee they are Wholesale 3D Mink Lashes Manufacturer and Supplier.

Also it is very important to provide you luxury high-end lashes for you and help you open the market with these lashes and custom packaging boxes,and you will get more profit from theses lashes .

4th Name your domain and create your website.

If you are new to this ,you can ask for someone to help you to do this job ,and you can easily to do this by Shopify.

And you can ask your Lashes Vendor to do this job for you ,but you should pay for this job ,because that would cost a lot of time to build your website and need a lot of words and picture and post ,but they can provide this for you if you just import lashes from they ,and in fact ,only few vendors can do this job ,unless they have network engineer.

5th Promote your lashes business.


This is the core work in whole line, you should establish your own sales network by your logo ,your lashes and custom packaging box,you can do this by SNS,such as Pinterest,facebook,instagram,twitter…,so you need a lot of pictures ,videos,to do this job,and you should insist send posts everyday.

6th Full support for you.

More details welcome to contact us ,my whatsapp is 008613465813039,and we will help you make the right make the right decision.and if you want to order luxury 3d mink lashes ,you can visit to order the luxury lashes with wholesale competitive price.

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