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How To Produce Top Luxury Mink Lashes?

Not every 3D Mink Lashes called Luxury Mink Lashes, when you meet Sally Lashes , you will get Real Luxury Mink Lash.

lashes name logo design and logo vendor emma lashes
lashes name logo design and logo vendor emma lashes

Why cause these difference between 3D Mink Lashes ?

So today ,will show you the progress we produce luxury lashes and what should we do before we put them on the market.

First , we use top grade Mink Fur, each fur comes with healthy young mink tail fur, and we collected with care , so the mink fur are fluffy and smooth, which are looks very gorgeous, if you use old mink fur ,the Mink Hair will looks bad ,and not natural at all.

Useful skills About 3D Mink Lashes Beauty
Useful skills About 3D Mink Lashes Beauty

The second secret is count mink furs to looks symmetry. Most of them use similar amount mink fur ,but for us ,we use the exact amount of mink hair ,the left eyelash is the same with the right one to make symmetry appearance.

The third safeguard measures is strict QC system. Each craft progress we all check the data with drawings , if is the lashes are not as same as the design data , that will be throw away.

So each lashes will be perfect work of art. When you wear them on , they are give you different feelings than the ordinary ones , our luxury lashes are soft, safe ,fluffy, gorgeous ,and with comfortable wearing.

Many girls cooperate with us and their business get stronger and stronger ,and more and more people choose the Luxury lashes they sold. And we update the lashes and will provide regular first service.

So if you want to start your lashes business or open the local market you may try cooperate with us , and make a sample order to test the quality.

You will see exchange when you receive and sell our Luxury Lashes .

More detail welcome contact us whatsapp008613465813039

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